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I use Cadence ic5141 on rhel5.4.There is no simulator whose name is "Cadence ic5141". "Cadence ic5141" is a name of Design Framework where you can use many simulator engine such as Synopsys HSPICE, Agilent ADSsim, Agilent GoldenGate, Cadence Spectre, etc. I use the ADE (spectre) to simul
hi,there i'm using sparc sun workstation as a server in our LAN running solaris10. i have configured the sun box as a NFS server for our EDA purpose,and i have installed the cadence ic5141 on the box and it works fine.Our staff use x86 box running rhel5 for design. My question is that can i run the ic5141 on the server though our local x86 (...)
Have anyone installed 32bit ic5141/610 or mmsim under 64bit linux? I tryed ubuntu9.10_a64, there is no response after I input "./". I don't know if there is any improvement using rhel5. Thank you very much.
Hello, I would like to install Cadence IC610/ ic5141 on Fedora11 (intalled to HDD from live CD). Please advice me it is possible to do so. Can I intall it with less problem? What kind of problems I may face? Reason why I have choosed Fedora is because I had hard time in intalling graphic driver for my computer with other linux OS such RH
Linux 64 bit support came in ic5141 USR1 (for Opteron), and ic5141 USR1a (for Intel EMT64). All ISRs since then support 64 bit on both platforms. please go through my post on for installing it on rhel5 and above. i have tested it for usr5 and usr6 and the installation is flawless. it is not tarball i
When I install ic5141 + ic5141 USR6 on rhel5. I have encountered the following problem: Determining available disk space sort: open failed: +2: No such file or directory Determining required disk space and Executing control programs (pre-load) ... sort: open failed: +3: No such file or directory expr: syntax error SL-8: No infor
look for my post installing ic5141 on rhel5 hock
as far as i know the problem is with the softload program. it can not work with kernel 2.6 and hence setup fails. hence tarball is the only option. has any one successfully installed using Softload on New core2Duo machine on RHEL 5? IC6.1 softload works nicely on rhel5, can this softload installer be used to load ic5141 CD? any expert help...
it hard to install ic5141 over rhel5. why not reinstall? the whole thing just take 15 minutes.