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Has anyone installed IC6.10 on the 64-bit version of centos 6.4? If so, any pointers would be appreciated. It seems to install OK, but gives missing library error (but the library is actually installed)... Thanks
Anyone tried installing Cadence ic610 on centos 6.3? Any success or related issues specific to this release?
I have installed ic610 on centos 6.4 but failed to open schematic editor with an error: (deLicense-5) Could not get the license for Schematics. Open aborted. I found a solution on this forum and it works by launching the license first using command: lmli before starting the virtuoso in work directory. Now I do not want to launch the license
When I install ic610 in centos 4, after I did , it told me that missing file FS.X and FS.7 in IMAGES.DIR, but the two files do exist in the folder. When I tried IC5141, there were similar errors. So the problem may lie in system settings. What can the reason be? Thank you !
I have installed ic610 on centos 5.3 - 32bit version. When I start icfb, I get a bunch of errors like below. Any idea what is going wrong and how to fix it? Qt Warning: X Error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes) 8 Extension: 153 (RENDER) Minor opcode: 4 (RenderCreatePicture) Resource id: 0x44 Qt Warning: X Error: BadMatch
Hello, Please advice the best OS system to install Cadence IC5141 & ic610. I prefer installation with simple steps, so which OS is suitable? Thanks. regards, Kumar
Does Cadence ic610 can install in AMD64, not ia32-libs,can it start?
I have installed ic610 in centos 5.2 and it went pain free, no problems with missing libraries or any need to modify any script (yet). Just set the paths and environment variable correctly and all should work well. On the missing library, check if you have it on /usr/lib or /lib , if you do add those paths to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment var
what's the best linux os to use with cadence ic610 ?
AMS C35 tech comes with AMS HIT-KIT 3.70 ... Go to do not work with ic610 ! Use 5.1.41 only! AMS Hit-Kit come from Austria Microsystems, not cadence. you will not see it in ic610 CD.
Could you please tell me that ic610 Cadence could install on which Linux OS: Fedora Core 3,4,5 or 6? Or other Linux OS else ?
Use centos 4.3 better if without updating to 4.4 I think that for ic610 you have no problem also with centos 4.4