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Hi guys, im trying to install ic615 on fedora. I was able to install the files from the IC06.15.011_lnx86.Base CD but after installation, the configuration does not complete successfully. It ends in a few seconds displaying the error - "Configuration Failed" Im trying to install on Fedora 18 32 bit.
How to install the Cadence ic615 which I downloaded from Cadence website. Previously the installation package was based on CDROMs and we normally point to CDROM1 in the InstallScape to start installation. But in this download I have not found any CDROM folder. The list of folders and files in the download are: 1. iscape_logs (folder) 2. kits
When I used ADE of IC614, the simulator is changed and the model library is changed automatically.But in ic615, when the simulator is changed, the model library is unchanged. How can I solve this?
Hi all, I'm using ic615 with ASSURA41 and i having a problem with the LVS. When i run it it has the following error: Starting dfIIToVdb... /root/cadence/installs/ASSURA41/tools/assura/bin/32bit/dfIIToVdb: /root/cadence/installs/ASSURA41/tools/lib/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.9' not found (required by /root/cadence/installs/ic615/oa_v
hi everybody I am using cadence ic615 ,but in this version the delta cursor is obtained by pressing a in one location and b in another location.but when i want to track more than one delta pointer what cal i do? plz help me.
Dear Folks, I am installing Caliber 2011 versions (ixl_cal_2011.4_35.27 for 64bit linux and x86_cal_2011.4_35.27 for 32bit linux) on Cadence ic615 with IBM-0.13um CMRF8SF design kit. In Cadence virtuoso IC layout menu, I can successfully pop up the Caliber interface with Runsets, but when push the DRC buttom, it seems that Cadence can
You also need the Base ic615 to install with this hotfix.
I am using ic615 on Fedora12 (kernel I can setup the simulation, but Cadence freezes when I run it. If I kill virtuoso and run the comand by the comand line, I get the following error: fcentur@vlsi2 ~$/home/software/cadence/ic615/tools.lnx86/dfII/bin/64bit/virtuoso -noautostart -mpssession virtuoso1345 -mpshost vlsi2