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18f usb microchip 18f , sure icd , sure icd , sure icd
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dear friend i have made icd 2 with 18f anf 16f877a and programmed also with firmware it linked with mplab and driver also taken and hardware ok means icd ready but if i giving any command and it not responding and restarting to my computer so i request to everyone who made and working please help me to solve this problem thanking you, (...)
Hi, Just go with icd2 :
why not try microhip icd-2 i saw someone post a local version of microchip icd-2 on try to search this site
I made a small mistake on the above message. there are two versions of the icd the icd1 works only with pic 16f8x and 16f87x the icd2 works with almost all the flash pics, but is only available at microchip, you can't build your own. may be it's only a question of a small patch of the firmware of the icd1 to get a (...)