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Hi folks. Recently I bought OLIMEX pic18f4550 (link: ). I am trying to interface it with PICkit by microchip. When I am trying to setup my IPE tu=o just test blinking LED code under Tools I cannot find any option to select (Screenshot attached) 13652
Hi all MPLAB-X users, Because I was a satisfied user of MPLab 8.9x IDE and after posting questions about how to add new devices since the last 8.92 has been released and it is the last one, I was reluctant to switch over MPLAB-X but I'm finaly thinking of giving it a try.. Because that MPLAB-X is the last IDE Microsoft offers and it is oft
Hi, I have an old "icd2 LE" based on a PIC18F4550 for USB interface and a PIC16F877A for PIC programming. I know also about two others versions: icd2 (P/N: 10-00319, seems not work with w7 64) icd2 (P/N: 10-00397, should work with w7 64) Are schematics available for the three versions? Which version is the close
LEDs at PORTD are blinking about after 3 seconds Is there problem with oscillator selection? PIC 18F4550 MikroC pro void main() { TRISD = 0x00; while(1) { PORTD = 0xFF; Delay_ms(100); PORTD = 0x00; Delay_ms(100); } } 127423
I'm programming a PIC16F88 using an ext 8mhz oscillator connected to OSCI pin and I'm able to debug and program the chip thru MPLAB v8.9 and Hitech PRO v9.83. So there are no hardware problems in my target board. BUT I'm doing this because I've never been able to debug it using it's internal clock programmed at the same freq. (8mhz) Everythin
Hey Those MCUs are almost identical. Can I put the hex file from 2550 on 4550? Will it work? (I know they have different package sizes, not a problem) Thanks in advance
Hey I am browsing the data about available MCU and I stumbled upon this: Description: 16-bit Microcontrollers - MCU 16B 16MIPS 256KB I/O RAM52 OTG I know it is related to USB: ":USB v2.0 On-The-Go (OTG) Compliant[/B
Hi, I use 18 F 4550 to read 12 chanels analog values. I couldn't read values from portB. As you see i use PortE and PortB. I can read form PortE (except one pin) but i couldn't read any value from PortB. I tried many ways but i couldn't find the reason. is there anybody to help me.
Hello, I am a newbie in PIC18 series I am trying to set up basic SPI on PIC18F4550. following is the code, I am not getting SPI clock. Please help #include 4550.h> #include #include #pragma config FOSC = INTOSCIO_EC void initialise_SPI(void); void spi_w(unsigned char data); v
For PIC10F, 12F, 16F, 18F devices ? Buy mikroElektronika EasyPIC v7 board. It has a onboard mikroProg (Programmer and debugger) which works with mikroC PRO PIC, mikroBasic PRO PIC and mikroPascal PRO PIC Compilers. The board also has additional icd2/3 connector. If you have icd2/3 you can connect it to the board and program and debug MPLAB C18, Hi-
I have developped a product with a PIC 16F505. The hardware is stable (at least 100 boards finished). I decided to make modifications but the computer with Win2000 and the 9.60 compiler is out. Now it is XP SP3 and a new C compiler with also MPLAB v and an icd2.5 (icd2 before). After a few hours I found that the prescaler does not
Hi, I used the icd2 to program my products on my automatic tester. I used The ICDDebug.txt file to verify automatically the correct programming of microcontrollers. Latelly, i bought the new MPLAB ICD3 to implement the same function on another tester. My problem is that i haven't found the option "Output to debug file" and the file ICDDebug.txt
Hello Everyone...! I have programmed my pic16f877a mcu using icd2 programmer.And made a simple hardware of Led flashing.The hex file is successfully burned in IC,but its not working on hardware.Anyone help...
I have PICKit 2 Genuine purchased from microchipDirect and this ICSP adaptor board. I have latest firmware (OS) for PICKit 2 (v2.61). It is working as it detects PIC16LF1829 and also writes, reads, verifies and erases but it is not detecting PIC18F
problem: Connecting to MPLAB ICD 2 ICD0019: Failed to open communications: Non-existent port ICD0021: Unable to connect with MPLAB ICD 2 Reason? Solution? have a look at it may help?
Actually, I suggested considering the purchase of a high quality PICkit clone, not necessarily a PICkit 3. You might also consider purchasing a high quality PICkit clone if you intend on utilizing lower voltage PICs in future projects. You might even consider purchasing a genuine PICkit 2, I occasionall
Both ISP and ICSP are methods of in-system/circuit programming of a microcontroller flash/eeprom memory, typically utilizing a hardware programmer like the JTAGICE mkII for Atmel devices (ISP) or the PICkit 2/3 or icd2/3 for Microchip devices (ICSP). In Application Programming (IAP) refers to the currently loaded code having the ability to repro
Hi , i want to make a trainer board for pic 16f877A or 18F4550 . i use PROTEUS ARES for pcb designing . can someone give me its design or any kind of help.
I would like to ask if is possible to program a 44 pins microcontroller (pic) with a microstick ? (microstick provide support for 28 pins pic and that's why i ask about 44 pins )
I have a MX460 development board from olimex and a PIC-icd2-TINY programmer but I do not know how to connect them and how to configure MPLABX to use it. I connect the programmer via ICSP. But I still have a power jack that I do not know if I have to use it to power the programmer or to power the development board. Is there any one that can he