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1) So If I want to only read and write the Hex file. Then I have to have pickit 2 programmer and zif socket which is on the following option. Really the onl
Hi I have this jdm pic programmer it works very well but when i try to program with icsp i got an error. I'm using WinPic800 and pic16f84a. When i press the D
I am considering a design for a universal zif. The design would be usable with PIC, and possibly others - jumper (or dipswitch) selectable. I have seen a few such designs, but none provide full pinouts - only pin names (PGC, PGD, etc.) Where can I find the pinout for the RJ-12 on the ICD2 and PicKit2? Also is there a standard pinout for
With your hardware, the only option is 18 pin/icsp. Because you don't have the zif socket, which exists in the original version of Brenner8. Choose 18 pin/icsp, and use an icsp connector to connect your application board, with the PIC to be programmed on it, to the programmer (Brenner8 mini/miniP). I've done it and been (...)
erm....PIC also support icsp, but yet there exist zif socket boards for PIC. In my opinion, its just depends on the user....... So any suggestion?
zif adapter for programming is quite troublesome. Why not try programming using icsp interface.? Easier and save alot of time.
i am interested in developing a pin driver for 40 pin zif socket to be driven from icsp port of programmer. This is mainly to eliminate putting ic in different positions in the socket and use the zif for different ic,s and programmers. i would appreciate the contributions from elite minds.
i've built both the 16pro40 and the OziPic'er using a 40 pin machined socket so my zif socket snaps into either programmer and i'am quite happy with the way they both work.i find sometimes achip won't program right with the one i'll try for me.i wish the 16pro had icsp