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Hi, I want to interface D1 mini pro module with my LPC1788 microcontroller. How do I program Wemos D1 mini pro?? I want to use it for MQTT and HTTP?? After searching many examples I found that most of the people are using Arduino, where they are using Arduino ide. but I want to interface it with LPC1788 can any one plz advice?
I have bought YS-WRITER but seller did not gave me driver CD, Now I need YS-ide interface, please help by providing,
I was looking for ide from which i want to check downloading of code onto FPGA Spartan 3. Xlinix ISE is 6GB which i cannot used due to lack of space any other ide which can be used to check downloading ?
you can use arduino ide to program esp12e and use digital pin to interface ds1820 / dht22 sensor . arduino code will work you just have to use exact pin you want to use .
Hi Everyone I want to use MIPI interfacing to interface Camera with processor. I have not much more idea about this . How to do this interfacing ? how to write a program ? which ide is used for this? Please tell me if anyone has some idea about this. Regards Kapil
How are you communicating with the arduino pro-mini and your PC with the ide on it ? If the dtr pin on the pro-mini is connected to the interface, it may be resetting the pro mini when the bootloader upload begins. It may be necessary to put a 10uF capacitor between the pro-mini's reset pin and ground just before starting the bootloader upload to k
Download and install Arduino ide from and then google for and install library. Go to library folder and study the .cpp and .h files.
There's no low-level access (word or even bitwise) provided by mass storage device interface. You may want to use FTDI FT2232 through D2xx drivers.
Which SSD memory interface do you consider? If you think of SATA interfaced SSD, you need at least an ide-to SATA bridge. ide is essentially a 16-bit parallel port with some control lines and can be easily implemented on a ?P.
Hello, To convert these codes, you need to know a little C programming for PIC18, search the web and find lots of information. Including ide MPLABX explains how to use each function. You also need to reconfigure the configuration bits. Hope this helps;-)
I have a legacy system that runs OS/2 1.3, which dates back to 1991 and uses Cylinder-Head-Sector (CHS) disk addressing. Over time, we have migrated to ide SSD drives and using only the first 500 Mb by restricting CHS settings to 1022 Cylinders, 14 heads, 62 sectors. This is worked until recently when we had to migrate from the original CPU Boar
This probably sounds like a odd use of a parallel or ide port, but I was wondering it would be possible to have a grid of simple electric motors that are controlled threw a parallel or ide port. Basically like how thousands of pixels are lit up threw a VGA cable witch has a limited number of pins. I'm not sure if I need some kind of driver board
Dear all, I have an msp430g2553. please share code example for interfacing ds1307 with mspg2553.i am using code composer studio as ide.
I am doing the codings in KEIL ide. The data is moved correctly while I Debug it step-by-step. But the hardware LCD is not showing any response, only black dots are displayed. I have attached the code. Please someone help me. Do you use lcd characteri or TFT ?
Start a Tutorial for 8051 from basic first and use M-ide Studio If you wantto use Assembly language just search "m-ide studio for mcs-51" on google
I use AT89S52 based microcontrollers in my projects and use assembly language with M-ide Studio I need some sample code that read bmp file or hex file from sd memory and copy it to another sd memory, and to AT24C512 or if any one knows any site where i find sd card interface code example in Assembly language please inform thanks
I am using LPC1343 micro controller to interface with flash card in PC card IO mode as I am not left with enough memory for ide mode which uses DMA, but I am stuck with few problems. I have gone through all the specifications but still I am not clear about interfacing of a few pins. I am wondering whether I can interface the p
I am using LPC1343 micro controller to interface with flash card in PC card IO mode as I am not left with enough memory for ide mode which uses DMA, but I am stuck with few problems. I have gone through all the specifications but still I am not clear about interfacing of a few pins. I am wondering whether I can interface the p
hi all, I am using matlab- R 2010a and the simulink version is 7.5. i want to interface my c6713 dsk with simulink., for this which version of ccs ide i need ? suggestions will be greatful, if you help me. regards, chinny
I am trying to usb interface my PIC18f2550 with PC. I am using WFF HID USB demo from .The problem is that the LEAPER 48 universal burner is not picking the config bits. I compiled the code with C18 compiler in MPLAB lite ide. The problem is that PC recognizes HID device but its very random. Sometimes it picks and sometimes not.
Dear all I am currently trying to simulate a program on PIC simulator ide (Oshon software). The program compiled without any error in MikroBasic. Leds are flashing at port b.1 at intervals showing information reception but on the soft uart simulation interface, nothing is appearing. However when i tried the program with USART it works both in
You need to know I2C interface to read/write the registers of RTC chip. What ide you are using? mikroC has built in library. Otherwise you have to download I2C library. You can also write the functions/subroutines for the I2C operation without external libraries after going through the datasheet and a little bit of
Can you provide a link or PDF concerning your development board? If your development board does indeed have a USB programming interface, it most likely emulates either a PICkit or ICD. Depending on the exact interface, you should be able to use either the MPLAB ide with the correct driver or the PICkit software to load the (...)
The best form factor for your application is most likely a Compact Flash card. It's allows to use the same PATA/ide interface at considerably reduced size. Fast SDcard also achieves the said speed range, at least when using the generic 4-Bit SD interface. As you said >20 MBs, you're however suggested to check the actual (...)
One option is to use an external USB drive enclosure, available with either an internal SATA or ATA interface: EZ Upgrade Hard Drive Enclosure Kit for ide/SATA Hard Drive
I guess you are using MPLAB ide with C-18 toolsuite. See these links - 18F4550 USB interface Now, MicroC Pro for Pic is a C compiler. It has built in library for USB HID and many other peripherals. Its has a sample routine for pic18f4550 in its he
how to interface lcd display with c8051f005 and how to get the output of uart at terminal window in silicon ide maybe help this link for begining: 8-Bit Microcontroller Application Notes, Design Tutorials
Hello everybody, My question concerns Libero ide 9.1 : Is it possible to add an APB (or AHB) bus interface to a user defined HDL module which is recognizable by the 'Auto Connect' command in canvas? I've seen an Application Note regarding this issue but the device used in there was a Fusion FPGA not an Igloo. I've also read the Libero (...)
first tell, which modem, or phone you are going to interface for your project, C or assembly? which ide??, which controller? Will you design your hardware once you get the code from someone or the hardware is already designed.
check this ide Hard Disk experiments.
hi everyone, i had to interface two sensors to p18f4550 microcontroller,temperature sensor to AN0 channel and humidity sensor to AN1 channel. i wrote program in MPLAB ide using interrupts. i am getting humidity value on hyperterminal but temperature value is missing.could any one who is familier please help me.. #include #include
what help??? which controller? which ide? which prgramming language???
then you should tell what controller you are using and what ide you are using to program the controller?????????
Hi i am using MPLAB ide + C18 Complier and try to interface USB with PIC18f4550 through PC(Computer) i download this file and load MCU C:\MCHPFSUSB\fw\_factory_hex\picdemfsusb.hex. this hex file after program i listen desire voice but when i insert USB connector agai
what help do you need?? what is that you have done? what is that you are planning to you in your project ( specify programming language, ide)? Do you have circuit diagram, did you write the code???? or you expect a full project from the experts here?????
Paul's 8051 Code Library, ide Hard Drive interface
Hi everybody! i am trying to interface SD card with 18F452 for that i have read one book from microchip in that they used pici8f8722. i modified that progarm just by changing that ic name, followed every steps and added all the MDD files, HITECH PIC18 C compiler and MPLAB i used as it is in that book. while compiling am getting error FSIO.c out o
Sir, You can use PC hyper terminal/ PLC(Hardware simulation) .For software simulation PIC simulator ide
Hii all, I am very new to MSP430,I recently had to shift to it .I have done programming on AVR .I am using MSP430 USB-Debug-interface to download program onto MSP430 Evaluation board (MSP-FET430U64) ,I am using IAR Embedded Workbench ide.Seeing the tutorials there I compiled the code but when I am pressing the Option (Download and Debug
Hello, My friends I'm wanted to learn about program NEC V53. Do you know some ide and tutorial for I start? thank,
A few ideas here maybe: Keith.
Many companies has special tools that allow conversion between ide and USB. Thanks to that you can easily plug an ide device to USB, but you still need to have own schematic . Below you can find list of tools for that: IC’s Cypress there are also a lot of design files. Aliusa with a New USB2ide devilce called ALI m5621
You can use cross gcc and use Eclipse as your ide. -- Amr Ali
To communicate Arm9 with FPGA you need to add businterface to that (AHB or Avalon or any other bus interface), in that bus ARM9 will be mastar and to run C code (to make communication possible between pc and ARM9 through any ide) you need to connect RAM (external (synchronous or asynchronous)/ internal RAM ) to its reset vector locaton for (...)
Hi, I faced with some strange problem; the same disk through SATA interface run slower than through ide. (I used some convertor to convert SATA to ide). I heard that Linux 2.4 is not so effective with SATA driver and 2.6 has stronger performance. However we don't planning upgrade our system to 2.6 currently. Do you know any patch/update (...)
hi i'm doing a project using pic 18f452..i need to interface it to pc for serial communiction with 9600 baud rate...i'm trying to dispaly a character on hyper terminal but i'm not able to see a character on hyper terminal.can any1 pls help me i here by attaching my c code...i'm using Mplab ide n microchip C18 compiler.... #include
you can use C18 compiler from microchip with MPLAB ide, also microchip offers a ready made USB firmwares for many platforms including PIC18F4550, check this link: good luck :D
From I test, JLINK can work with Keil Realview ide 3.50. It have 2 options for select. - RDI interface Driver - J-LINK/ J-TRACE Or you use Cortex-m3, You can select Cortex-M3 J-LINK ------------------------------------
Hi ,i have interfaced keypad,encoder mm74c922,lcd jhd162a and PIC16F877A to display the key pressed. I am connecting keypad encoder to PIC. I am using mplab ide.and hitechc c compiler. My program is as below.I am using Proteus software for simulation.there is no error while building but it doesn't display the key pressed . I have checked Lcd p
A good place to visit is: Plenty of information on Serial and USB interfacing. You can download Borland C++ free from Code Central. This is a RAD ide which makes it easy to program in Windows. You interface to serial and usb through windows drivers. There are plenty of free serial and usb components on the net th