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How to choose optimal wire width of spiral coil to attain high q factor? There are formula to calculate optimal turns n pitch. Is it by trail n error to choose wire width?
Hi All, I'm looking for Linear motor for my application. Motor shall have continuous force to be around 3-4 Newton. and stroke length(travel distance) to be 12-15mm. It shall be operate at least 30Hz frequency. Size shall be 20-30 mm length. Searched following actuator types, 1. Solenoid - > Has frequency issue. Above 10Hz
I have been looking and looking, yet I've found very little detailed information on MIM capacitors. What is the voltage coefficient? What is the temperature coefficient? Best Regards, Mykrolian
hello. i would like to know how to choose correct val;ue of pwm frequency for 3 phase ac motor.
Is there a way we can achieve divide-by-1 clock through D flip-flop or transmit the clock pulse to Q?
Hello everyone, I have this project where I should put a switch between a powerbank and a phone, and I should be able to control it by a microcontroller. So I found that a reed relay and a transistor is what I need but don"t have any refrences or idea of how to do it. So any help would be very appreciated. thank you
I am using 8bit MCU. Configuration:- Timer Capture to measure pulse width. S/W Computation: - Using pulse width calculate Frequency using formula - (Clock frequency/pulse width) << 2 Problem:- The division instruction is taking 40usec which is too much overhead for the kind of application I am working on. Probable Remedy:- I was think
TELEGRAPH AUDIO? is a new brand of analogue audio equipment, based in Ukraine. In the age of digital technologies, the market offers rather small amount of high-quality vacuum tube equipment. But the connoisseurs of a warm tube sound will fully appreciate our devices ? because we do care about the exclusivity of sound and the reliability of
Like others I'm sure, we constantly run into the limitations of our differential probes when looking at high CM slew signals like high voltage high side gate drive. What equipment do other people like for these applications? Are there better probes than what I'm aware of? Things I'm aware of: Example differential probe: https://www.
We are developing a neural network capable of detecting faults on the electronics components placed on a PCB just from a photo taken of any PCBA. We are finally in the Alpha version of it: Please feel free to take a look at our site and the current visual inspection tool: the web App[U
Hello, there are some HAM radio operators around here, so maybe this is of interest. In our multi operator VHF/UHF contest location, we had an issue with the 144 MHz fundamental (!) signal beeing picked up by the 70 cm antenna which was driving the 432 MHz LNA into nonlinearity. That?s why we decided to add an additional high pass filter in
Dear, i will be grateful if anyone can send me the matlab code for using Method of Moment technique to find out s11, directivity and gain of dipole antenna. Thanx
Am trying to build a solid state, mcu controlled fan regulator, not by triac pwm but, the one which uses capacitors as step fan regulator which does not make hum, attaching circuit. as you can see, it is replication of mechanical regulator, however uses triacs to switch on off capacitors, so that, higher capacitance total means higher speed, lo
I have PIC18F45k40. I am trying to communicate with LOra module. Can someone suggest me simple example to send At command and get response for same. i have attached datasheet for reference.157464
Hello, I am designing the two stage folded cascode opamp. For the single stage of folded cascode i got sufficient phase margin of 64 degree. But when i added the second stage, the phase margin increases to 150 degree. is it correct to have higher phase margin? In order to reduce the phase margin for the required level what should i do? Since i am
Hello Folks, I am working on an addressable speaker system project on which some 25 speakers are connected, each with a PIC MCU inside and want to select one at a time. CAT6(8 wires) cables are connected. two pair for power 24VDC and 1 wire for communication. Maximum length around some 200mtrs. I am planning to send a unique PWM signal to select
I have 4 connectors 1. Power 2. USB 3. Ethernet 4. USB All placed in a proper straight line so that when placed in a enclosure, the same are properly flushed. The body of the connector (Shielding) is done for each of them via a 0.1uF and 1M Resistor to GND. The outer casing (or the part where these connector sit is of a metal) Bec
Hello. I am working on project based around Espressif ESP32 uC and Lattice ICE40 FPGA. FPGA will do some heavy lifting and handle several buses, while providing uC with preprocessed data over SPI. So if i do some changes in uC firmware, i may as well need to update FPGA bitstream on flash and uC firmware on another flash. (...)
Hi, I am going to design An Ethernet switch on FPAG. Our input data could have priority also we need to design the switch on real-time applications. So, in this case, there is another protocol called TSN. But since the design of the TSN switch at the beginning maybe needs too much time, I am going to start with an Ethernet (...)
the only way to operate under the inference that Vo = D. Vin ( for 1:1:1 turns ratio ) is to use heavy subbers on the mosfets and o/p diodes - this will give you ideal text book waveforms and will not allow the volts to lift at no load - however the efficiency will suffer ... the load reg will then be a function of the wiring (...)