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You can not ! as I know if you want to produce pulse train you can use a pulse source in series with an ideal switch and contolr the switch with another pulse source
hi all I want to simulate the ideal model of my circuit which is a switch cap modulator in hspice, but my circuit use a differential configuration and i need a differential output opamp. can anybody tell me how to model a differential output opamp in h-spice,is there any model available for differential opamp in hspice (...)
Hi All, I am simulating a two phase switch-Cap sample and hold amplifier, and trying to compare the performance between using the ideal switches (G-element) and the real switches (transistors). When ideal switches are used, equivalent capacitance is also added to each node to model the (...)
Hi. as jiangwp said, ideal switch is defined as follows : gsw sin sout VCR PWL(1) clk 0 0,1e7 vdd,1m where "sw" is the arbitrary name of our switch. "sin" and "sout" are input and output nodes of the switch (however, there is no difference between input and output nodes so you can change the (...)
Hi. I think for using ideal opamp you can refer to Exxx instruction (or whatever it is called). in someway which I can't remember exactly, you could change it to an opamp. ideal switch is implemented by using Gxxx instruction. but for ideal delay, I have no idea. Regards, EZT