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Hi guys, I need help identifying some TO-92 components. I asked for some BSS138 or 2N7000 mosfets at a local component shop yesterday, What i received was this: 136769 136770 - TO-92 package - front is painted in metallic blue - center leg is offset to back - markings are: SS3
Hello, I have SMD component in case SMDC DO-214AB and code AB07 GGC manufacture logo F Ihing it is Transient Voltage Suppressor Diodes, but I do not know voltage, uni /bi and other parameters.
Hello everyone, I am currently working in a OBD project for automobiles The proposed device has to fetch certain information from the vehicle In those basic parameter fetch, VIN (Vehicle Information Number) is the most important I tried with the request "0902" Mode-9 PID-2 (Intended for VIN), but I am receiving "NO DATA" as response I am con
You must have 3 columns: Input/Output and time. Having those 3 columns, MATLAB is able to find a transfer function that models your circuit with its toolbox called System identification Toolbox.
I am trying to find out the phases of the given supply, the project main aim to protect the three phase motor if any wrong sequence given to motor........... I am giving three phase AC Voltage (5 volt) with different phases, let us assume R Y B to the RA0 RA1 RA2 I am taking each phase 30 samples, but I cant find it out which phase is that..
Yes, that is correct but there may be a more fundamental problem here. You are asking for Caller identification, the designs so far are DTMF decoders, if you are looking to find out where a call originated from (the callers number via landline), a different protocol is used and it is also different from one Telco to another. Brian.
I'm not 100% sure as I currently don't have access to documents of 65nm, but there may be cases where they needed DRC tool to know which diffusion is the drain. So they may have added it for this reason. For example an extended drain or a lightly doped drain device may have different rules which requires identification of the drain. Otherwise most
Can you help me identify this connector? Connector is used in PC power supply for connecting 230V on PS board. I thing raster 3.96mm, but male on PCB have skiped center pin 132049
using interrupt in 8051 how to execute series of somehow continuous commands as they arrive through the Rx pin?. Let's assume "unsigned char buffer" is available. A command is composed of 11 bytes, with the first byte being the command identification. After each execution, three bytes 0x123 are sent to HOST. Any examples/codes that does someth
Hi, I heard that in some cases D+ and D- are used for identification of the charger. Ex. connecting these signal to resistor divider in some way provide information to smartphone if charger let say Samsung original or not. But question is if such identification is must or not? Thank you
Hi there, I bought that solenoid valve on eBay and I think I saw somewhere a 2 terminals cap that fits this component. Do you know the name of that connector? The width of each pin is 0.23 inch so a 0.25 inch female plug would work but I think there is something designed specifically for that type of pins. 128305[ATT
hello guys does anyone know how to identify vin, pwr-src and vcore as well as how to test them with multimeter. thanks
Hello, I got one SMD resistor which look same as SMD inductor.. In first impression I thought this would be an inductor because it's seems like that but when i measured the resistance then i found that it is a 7.5 Kohm resistor even I verified with LCR meter got the same result. can any one know which component is this??
ADVANCED RADIO FREQUENCY identification DESIGN AND APPLICATIONS by Preradović is a good book. If you need the basics, I'd recommend ANTENNA THEORY, Balanis.
I want to read the cell identity and location area identification from the BCCH frame transmitted by the BTS. I am not able to get the exact frame format over which the LAI and cell identity will be located. Also the BCCH is transmitted over a specific frequency which can be any of the 34 frequencies decided by specific ARFCN numbers. Can anyone h
I had diode in SOD package(Glass). No marking It seems to be a rectifier (conclusion by circuit). Is there any way to find out ? Any inputs / ideas will be useful MicroCon
Hi, I need the name, type or whatever information regarding these 'blade' connectors shown on the pictures. These blades are through-hole 1 inch long metal plates and accepts a standard thickness PCB in its mouth. Are these somewhat standardized or fully custom? 124311124310124309
Hey guys! Was in need of a BAT85 schottky diode and the local store gave me this. But there are no images/datasheets that justify that this is a BAT85. Is the correct component? 124289
Hi, Need help identifying some shorted out SMD diodes. The package style is SC59 and "D" is marked on top of it. No marking on the under side. Went through many SMD code books the closest I got was BAS21-03W but when I checked, the datasheet for BAS21-03W, it had a SOD323 package style. Tried taking photos but parts are
Hello, I'm working on a dry-well calibrator's power supply unit with 2 defective ST Microelectronics MOSFETs. The part numbers printed on the parts are 31N310 and 31P310 (photo attached). I tried locating datasheets for these parts but couldn't find anything. Emailed ST but it's been over 2 months now with no answers. Will be app