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usually SoC IC solutions will have one baseband IC from qualcomm or other baseband IC manufacturers, a mcu, and all the rest of the parts such as amplifer, LNA, filter and each. i have never seen one whole radio done on single die. due to this, it will be easier for you to identify components and antenna ports when you de-cap.
Hi, I'm trying to identify markings one is a SOT363/SC70-6,Pin 1 is VDD, Pin 2 is VSS,Pin1 and Pin6 is Resistance, no logo ,marking on it "BQ7P". The use of in Photoelectric tube ,74HC240 and MCP6002i ,VBPW77NB,the mcu is ATMEGA1280-16AU. Thank you.
You should be able to identify the devices attached to the JTAG chain by their respective JTAG Device IDs. The approximately 200-pin TQFP device is most likely an OLED display driver. BigDog
There are many possible explanations for this, especially since you haven't shown a schematic or layout. You need to identify if the mcu is getting confused or reset and its PWM signals are incorrect. It might be that the switching transients from the half bridge are getting into your ADC somehow and creating a bizarre feedback loop. But it defi
you can probably try this exercise: Remove the Pump load out of your existing relay and connect it to another relay. The Coil (5V or 12V) of that another relay, let it go through your existing relay. This could let you identify whether the microcontroller hangs due to interference when the load is switched. This is not a final solution, its is
Hi everyone, Not an expoert here, just have quick question. Plan to use this mcu for a job: Application is simple & sorted. It recieves a standard IR signal (remote has 10 buttons), mcu receives -> decodes -> acts. PCBA is battery powered (a mobile application), the questions are:
I build 20 pins wigler Jtag . I use Crosswork compiler and the target is LPC2106 mcu The problem is : crossstudio can not identify the target I don't no how to set up the right Jtag properties ?? anyone have done with it , pls help me ! Thank you very much.
Does anyone have info about a SMD chip marked like this ( M ) 635 1475 V25 OD60J QMZAK0241