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100uS / 100ms = 0.001 So, basically, your device will operate 0.001 duty cycle in normal mode and 0.999 in idle mode. Let's imagine, that in idle mode it takes 1uA, and in normal mode 1mA. So, 0.999 * 0.001 + 0.001 * 1 = ~2uA average current. For 300 days = 300d * 24h * 2uA = 15mAH capacity (...)
Hi, In Hardware nothing happened.its idle mode.I have one more doubt. I am using IDE Keil uvision 2 its Evaluation version.For this any problem occur??? No problem in using IDE Keil uvision 2 Evaluation version. The Evaluation version is capable to handle the code size up to 2 kb and your code is less than
Hi, When i'm reading about truck technology got a word like idle shutdown & described like engine going to shut down mode after predefined time. what is the functionality of it, can any one explain about it.
HI all, I am using 89S4051 MCR. to make a small project.. my only question is how can i use idle mode in 89S4051. i Tried Writing the code: #include #include sbit ledon=P1^6; unsigned char ex0_isr_counter = 0; void ex0_isr (void) interrupt 0 { ex0_isr_counter++; } void main() { ledon=1; EA
9.3.4 Resetting the WDT Timer The WDT is cleared by any of the following: • On any device Reset. • By a WDTCONSET = 0x01, or equivalent instruction, during normal execution. Refer to Example 9-2. • Exiting from idle or SLEEP mode, due to an interrupt Did you ever tried to look in manual? 10 topics per day for simple
Hi friends, I have been working on LPC2148 Microcontroller I want the answers for the following questions 1. What is GPIO slow interface and GPIO fast interface 2. what is capture and Compare unit? 3. what is idle mode and power down mode? 4. what is internal and external crystal oscillator?
Are you already putting the program at power down mode during idle conditions ? In addition, you could think about to disable unused peripherals, or even tie inputs to determined voltages, but this effectively would not produce significant benefit if compared to working with power down modes. Make an analysis of your system to see if this (...)
is it not possible to use external interrupt to come out of PDM...???? Some articals shows that using external interrupt you can exit PDM. Article From Keil page: Peripheral Simulation For Atmel AT89S52 ? Power Saving modes (idle and Power Down) Simulation support for this peripheral or feature is comprised of: Example code which helps yo
Is this AC below ground or biased ? or DC coupled with bias to raise common mode in range? - - - Updated - - - Some Rail-Rail types need CM range to be restricted CM range centered around V+/2 depending on type , Vin offset, noise , idle current, etc. Everything is a tradeoff.
Extra spare memory cells are included in the design of the memory. These rows and columns of cells are accessible only by the testing programs in a special test mode at the factory for cross talk and access time. Then blank idle current and contents may be tested by the user. Designs proposed to inject a dynamic charge and sense the charge in an
Which device? What level of 'sleep'? I know of doze, idle, sleep and deep sleep modes. IIRC this can change according to the device family. Susan
It's obvious from the lines itself, GSM idle case but if you are using Battery powered application better you use the sleep modes, Where in the sleep mode there are many parameters like Signals Searching and related processes
I have a board with a PIC18F46K22 on it, and one of its UART ports is fed to a MAX13430 RS-485 half-duplex transceiver to communicate with other identical boards on a multi-drop network. There are bias resistors on the lines, and the bus is running at 5V, 9600 baud. For the most part the communications work well. All nodes keep the receiver o
Hey! I am trying to make a simple SPI connection with between a TC77 digital tempereture sensor and my PIC6f690.I have read all the datahseets very carefully and connected everything ok, but it doesn't seem to work.. When i try to read from the TC77 i need two INT, because it send a 13 bit signal. So i read the SSPBUF registers twice and then
Hi everyone, First of all I want to apologize in advance for my bad English. I'm not a native speaker, but I'll try my best to explain the problem I have. Now I'm trying to communicate with temperature sensor (ADT7310) via SPI bus. I'm using PIC18F2580, 10Mhz internal oscillator with PLL enabled (so the clock frequency is 40Mhz), and ADT73
What features are still available when the is in SIM900A sleep mode. I want to double check with someone who has used this feature. Datasheet already has some info. Can it send/receive SMS? (datasheet says yes) Is the serial port available/active? (datasheet says No) How do you wake up from sleep? (datasheet says - pull down DTR or on receiv
hi all i use max485 for rs485 communication ... it works correctly but i have little problem ... i tied RE and DE to one of microcontroller pin to control transmitt and receive mode .. and pin 1 called "RO" is for receive data over the rs485 and it's idle high and it connect to RX pin of microcontroller .. but when i switch to transmitt (...)
I'm trying to work on a small project having an LCD interface. I'm using PIC16F877A ?C for interfacing the LCD. I want to turn off the LCD Backlight after a few seconds when no key is pressed (I'm using interrupt to poll for key stroke). Again I want to turn on the LCD when there is a keystroke. Please help me if there is a solution to this. I'm so
Guys Do I make a correct SPI init on ATMEGA128 ? My clock is 16Mhz, what's the clock for SPI (SCK) ? Code: void spi_init(void) { SPCR = 0x52; //setup SPI: Master mode, MSB first, SCK phase low, SCK idle low SPSR = 0x00; } Thank you
Hi, I am trying to reduce the power consumption of nrf24l01+ rf module receiver. In case of transmitter module, it takes very less power, because most time it will be in idle mode in my case, takes power only when it is transmitting data. But the receiver is always checking data on air, so it is always taking 14.3 mA of current. So is there any