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hello, you can specify whatever substrate you want. So If you want a substrate with Er=5 that goes into infinity, yo can just specify that in the basic parameter dialoque box. I never had to do this myself, but you may give it a try. Older ie3d version accept 3D metallic structures and 2D dielectrics. Newer version do also accept 3D dielectric
Since your loop antenna operation frequency is very low, I think you should make you air box in HFSS quite large (maybe 10 meters) in order to get a good radiation pattern. However, I think in this case, MoM should be better than FEM, and you can try ie3d or Sonnet. The other problem affect your results is your antenna dimension compared with th
First, I think this guy had already tried ie3d and was asking for alternatives. (Jian, please read his post again and refrain from advertising your product as good as it may be). Second, what you are saying is that size is a major issue. If I understand well, you will design around box and you may need some 3D details too. If this is so, I stro
Hi jian When the modeler of ie3d will be parameterized ? PL
As for me, HFSS is not the best tool for simulating such a switch made with pin diodes. As, for me, i would use ie3d from Zeland. Actually, in the module "modua", you can cascade box of S-parameters. Method : 1. Measure S parameters of the diodes used. 2. Transform those parameters in a s2p files (see help) with notepad 3. Create a port in
If the edges of the filter is mostly vertical or horizontal such that the geometry can be easily represented by regular rectangles, go with Sonnet or MWOffice. If there are many tilted/curved edge, or small gaps, then ie3d, Momentum or Ensemble will be more efficient.

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