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Hello i want to design a microstrip antenna with cpw feed by using ie3d but i dont how to set the layers in basic parameters. please somebody help me in this. regards vishal.
Hi all I am trying to simulate a cpw-fed antenna that i found in an IEEE paper but i just can't find the results shown in that paper. I think that i am doing something wrong with the ports, ground or basic parameters. Can anyone check my .geo file and help me? If yes, please tell me to send my .geo file and the antenna of the IEEE (...)
Im trying to simulate a cpw fed slot antenna which is dual polarized. So I have two ports feeding the antenna. I am trying to figure out my mistakes in setting up my basic parameters (layers) because I keep getting a 100% radiation efficiency. I thought something was wrong with how im meshing it but the efficiency doesnt change when I refine (...)
hi...iam solving an IEEE of an antenna for UWB(3.1-10.6 Ghz) using cpw feeding.How to define ports for this cpw feeding ,can anyone help me out ? I am attaching my .geo file...there is no ground at the bottom it is a back patch
Hi every1 i have modelled an CPS and cpw antenna in ie3d. There differential feed option is there to have a feed having signal-ground at the sam level. How to do this in HFSS..can anyone help me asap thanx in advance
I think for that kind of structure, EM softwares such as ie3d, CST m HFSS is better than ADS
Hi... does anyone can share their experienced on how to fabricate a cpw for monopole antenna? I've conducted the experiment, however, the results haven't perform a good agreement with simulated yet. I am using ie3d to simulate the monopole antenna. Thank you.