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Hi, I am designing a dipole antenna with differential ports, and my main goal is to check the power transfer efficiency from the driving circuit onto the antenna. To do that I am looking at S11(dB) at resonance, and hoping to find a low value (say, lower than -10). The problem is that I haven't found a good way to 'conjugate match' the antenna y
Hi Jian, To start with I am simulating pifa antenna using ie3d, extension for mmic scheme. and the design was working perfectly too.. In pifa I am using finite ground plane, so differential feeding I am providing to the structure having 1 mm distance from (finite) ground plane.. THe problem is coming when I am trying to place another antenna i
how to take ports for coplanar line in ie3d?
Langxing: Thank you very much. I think defected ground plane is used much on EBG structures. You can simulate such structures efficiently and accurately on ie3d using finte ground plane modeling. You just need to use differential ports (+ and - for extension ports) and the v-localized and h-localized ports. (...)
Hi, I have problem with port definition. I want to simulate this balun at end-to-end connection, so I need define two unbalanced port. When I have used differential ports, results are very good. When I have applied ground port conversion to both negative ports, results are unreasonable and configuration of ports are (...)
Hi, pegasuss: (1) You can use ADV EXTENSION ports for the microstrip structures. If you model it as finite ground, you can use differential ports (either + and - using ADV EXTENSION ports or v-localized and h-localized ports). (2) You can use ie3d to model the connector more precisely. (...)
Hi, Abhi: I believe you must have not defined differential ports between the center strip and the finite cpw grounds. The port you defined on the center strip is referencing the infinite ground. ie3d issues a warning message to you. If you define the ports correctly, it should cause such message. Attached are two models for (...)
Hi, Plammox: The implementation on ie3d/MODUA is a general implementation for N-port. It has been there for years and used extensively and it should be correct. I have not seen your formula. Is it for the special case of single-ended 4-ports converted to differential 2-ports? From what I see, the resulting 2-port (...)