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what are the differences between iec 60502-1 and BS 6346 standards?
My background started with America military style draftsman at a Canadian firm with UK ties (Rolls Royce) then much later with Japanese firms like Hitachi, Fujitsu, Toshiba. The funny thing, is no matter which country or foreign language , when IPC or UK or iec standards were followed, I had no problem speed reading schematics like a book. As
iec 60064-1 gives guidelines but if seeking approval for export to,Japan JIC standards apply for no damage down to 85Vac which might be short term. If you are concerned about oversaturation of core, from constant power load then LV protection is needed. local regulations overide national which override international.
iec standards!!!! The footprint standard for surface mount devices is IPC-7351 if you are serious about PCB design I would recommend getting to know this standard. As to microvias, generally based on a 0.1mm pad with a 0.3mm target your case and mine in the past I have done a micro via with a (...)
Hiya, Firstly i wanted to clarify if EN60601 and the iec60601 standards for medical equipment are the same? In iec60601/EN60601, is there a section which lists the limit to the current which can be safely passed through the subject for bio-impedance measurements (frequencies of current between 10kHz upto 200kHz)? (...)
Are you referring to a device like an ECG? As far as devices permitted in the US market, I believe such devices must adhere to the ANSI/AAMI ES-1, iec 601-1 and EC11 Electrical Standards. The FDA actually provides documentation as to what standards such devices must adhere, for
EMC testing serves to find how e.g. transient bursts and surges affects component or system functioning. Such effects usually destroy or push out of operation sensitive components. Thus they should be protected from such damage by design. At system operating frequencies the interference is defined by iec standards.
Hello all, Do you have iec-60914 available? I have been searching this in the internet, but have not got it yet. Please share me with it if you have it available. (This is for Printed board design,manufacture and assembly). Thanks, Regards, David Wuf
Hi everybody! I'm new here and hope to learn a lot and contribute with this forum! I'm working with power amplifiers for eletrodynamic shakers (Vibration Tests). This way, I need some standards: iec 60068-2-6:2008 Environmental testing - Part 2-6: Tests - Test Fc: Vibration (sinusoidal) ISO 5344:2004 (...)
Hello Does any one has any idea where i can buy the iec standards in india apart from the online webstore.
HI ALL WHAT IS INTERNATIONAL STandARD ESD CURRENT & FOR HOW MUCH TIME? INTERNATIONAL STandARD? you meant standards such as JEDEC or iec standard? yep, go to read HBM, MM and CDM and you can use TLP to emulate each models to extract the ESD characteristic (...)
Anyone has the following standard? iec 60669-1, Switches for households and similar fixed electrical installations, General requirements. 60669-2-1, particular requirements for electrical switches 60669-2-3, particular requirements for time delayed switches Thank you
Hi all, Can anyone help me out in choosing the best processor and OS for developing the smart meter that is fully copliant with iec 62056 standards regards pamitha
Hi, Is there anyone who is knowledgeable on how to be compliant on EMC? I am now assigned for the Standardization of our product and we are now doing a test on one of the NRTLs in the US... Just want to have a deep understanding about diffferent EMC standards, can anyone give me a brief intro about these (ex. FCC, (...)
If you are in the UK you can use a library website to log onto the British standards site that also has European stds on, view the pdf, download and decrypt to remove print password in a second. Added after 12 minutes: iec60335-1 appears to have been withdrawn and is now replaced with iec/BSEN60335-2 (...)
Hi friends I required following standards for Non invasive blood pressure system design >> EN 1060-1 >> AAMI SP-10 >> iec 601-2-30, can anybody provide me above. Thanks in advance
Can anybody upload / provide link for following standards: iec 62026-1 and iec 62026-5
Hi, I've recently got an old Kloeckner-Moeller PS3 PLC and now trying to figure out the details. My question is, to make a PLC what is done other than making a normal control system? Anybody has the iec 61131 standards? Rob