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hi shinchan u want to do in fpga? so first explore some ieee papers in vlsi and find the topic.If u need any help in topic u can take my help.But i can guide in digital vlsi only
1- Implementation of a BPSK Transceiver on Hybrid Software Defined Radio Platforms Tachwali, Y.; Refai, H.; 2- A software defined radio direct conversion receiver Mohajer, M.; Mohammadi, A.; Abdipour, A.; 3-fpga Based Implementation of Communication Modulation Demiri, F.M.; Kafadar, U.; Dikmese, S.; Dincer, H.; really I need this pape
Search ieee for this topic. There are several good papers on this topic.
Try ieee site for papers. You can find Lots of ideas.
Hi guys am trying to read up on the newly evolving field of programmable mixed signal SOC and analog fpga's , could some of the more experienced members point me in the direction of important ieee papers or electronic design articles , how long would this technology take to truly make a mark and would we see a truly programmable analog (...)