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Hi, Sure, the clock jitter will limit your TDC resolution. The final shape of the TDC PSD will depend on the TDC architecture. A search on ieee will have more information on this topic.
HI, I am confused about the beat signal of the radar when I read some ieee papers. I have the following questions: 1. What is the purpose of the beat signal? To avoid flicker noise? 2. Beat signal only fit for LFMCW radar? 3. How to conduct beat signal in radar? Is it the 1/T, T is the period of the waveform? 4. Based
Now the vendor use microwave to detect. The principle is doppler freq shift. I remember some ieee papers on that, and some Taiwan vendor manufacture that. The circuit is very simple.
i want your help for these acticles : P.E. Howland, D. Maksimiuk and G. Reitsma, "FM radio based bistatic radar", IEE Proc.-radar Sonar Navig., Vol. 152, No. 3, June 2005. P. Poullin, "Passive detection using digital broadcasters (DAB, DVB) with COFDM modulation", IEE Proc.-radar Sonar Navig., Vol. 152, No. 3, June 2005. C. Hue
Hi everybody! I'm working on a UWB radar and i have an analog front end that samples the input signal in a nonuniform way. For the reconstruction filter i would use a nonuniform reconstruction algorithm from ieee transaction on signal processing.These are links :
hii frns, I am doin a project on radar tracking using neural this regard I need some ieee papers on radar tracking..can anyone help me out??
X band is a frequency band, defined ieee radar bands, it covers the frequency range between 7 and 12.5 GHz. Do you mean you want to design an LNA with 5.5 GHz bandwidth??? (between 7 and 12.5 GHz to cover all the X band??? I do not think that it would be hard to get the models for ATF34143 (at least an S parameter file with noise models), but I g
I want to start working on adaptive filter applications on radar, I want abook about it or this one: Title ADAPTIVE SIGNAL PROCESSING FOR radar Author NITZBERG, RAMON (FELLOW, ieee) ISBN 0890065861 Published 31/01/1992 Publisher ARTECH HOUSE BOOKS
Search in ieee explorer. Some papers might me available. Also try
radar target identification of aircraft using polarization-diverse features Chamberlain, N.E.; Walton, E.K.; Garber, F.D. Aerospace and Electronic Systems, ieee Transactions on Volume 27, Issue 1, Jan 1991 Page(s):58 - 67 Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/7.68148
Hi, see topic: also if you search ieee xplore there should be plenty. IMST has a sleak design of an automotive radar at I think 24 GHz. It should be on their website has some interesting broadcast antenna designs but doesn't really tell u
Hi to all I am new in the subject : bistatic radar. wherecan I start it? thanx Added after 2 hours 31 minutes: HI Anyone has access to this tutorial?:
Hi professionals, As title, The paper: Performance Comparison of Four Basic Antenna Types near Two Differently Sized Metallic Surfaces T. Sykkö, L. Ukkonen, L. Sydänheimo, and M. Kivikoski (Finland ANTENNAS, radar, AND WAVE PROPAGATION ~ ARP 2006 ~ Thanks in advance ~~ Regards,
Ultra-wideband radar sensors for short-range vehicular applications Gresham, I.; Jenkins, A.; Egri, R.; Eswarappa, C.; Kinayman, N.; Jain, N.; Anderson, R.; Kolak, F.; Wohlert, R.; Bawell, S.P.; Bennett, J.; Lanteri, J.-P.; Microwave Theory and Techniques, ieee Transactions on , Volume: 52 , Issue: 9 , Sept. 2004 Pages:2105 - 2122