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LIBRARY ieee; USE ieee.std_logic_1164.ALL; USE std.textio.ALL; USE ieee.numeric_std.ALL; ENTITY Trial_test IS END Trial_test; ARCHITECTURE behavior OF Trial_test IS -- Component Declaration for the Unit Under Test (UUT) COMPONENT Trial PORT( clk : IN (...)
Are there any EDA tools available that support ieee std 1735?-2014 standard (a.k.a. p1735 v2) IP encryption? Also, how can I encrypt my IP to make them compliant with ieee p1735 v2 standard?
Hi, I am trying to transmit signals using ADF7242 at 2.4 Ghz. The chip supports ieee 802.15.4 std. I would like to see the signal strength of the received signal and it's bandwidth. I don't have a spectrum analyzer! The next choice was to use some wifi spectrum analyzer app but wifi follows ieee 802.11 and rtl-sdr also can't be used (...)
Language Reference Manual, the ieee std. 1076
std:: should be optional. It's only needed to disambiguate from other randomize methods, like the one built into a class. See 26.7 The std built-in package in the ieee 1800-2012 LRM.
Paragraph Conditional event controls in ieee std 1800-2012, the recent version of the language reference manual explains it very clear. The document can be freely downloaded at ieee, so read it yourself. "iff" is describing a gated clock with specific behaviour, you can't use "if" in this place. In terms of synthesizable HDL, it's
------------------------------ -------------------------------- library ieee ; use ieee.std_logic_1164.all ; use ieee.numeric_std.all ; use ieee.std_logic_textio.all; package butter_lib is signal (...)
hi all. i am working on developing 100G Ethernet PCS based on ieee std.802.3bj-2014. i am confused about the scrambler and 256B/257B transoder. the tx flow described in ieee 802.3bj-2010 standard is below: Encode -> Scramble -> Block Distribution -> Alignment Insertion -> Lane block sync -> Alignment block removal -> Transode -> (...)
HI friends can you help me to solve the below error I am running vsim -t ps -sdfmin /tb_msp=output.sdf -c tb_msp vsim -t ps -sdfmin /tb_msp=output.sdf -c tb_msp # vsim -c -sdfmin /tb_msp=output.sdf -t ps tb_msp # Loading std.standard # Loading ieee.std_logic_1164(body) # Loading # Loading (...)
Golay correlator is an important design in ieee 802.11ad receiver implemented in Packet detection, Channel Estimation and Data demodulation in Control PHY. Fig.1 describes architecture of Golay Correlator. ieee 802.11AD PHY std specifies three different Golay Codes of lengt
can you post the full code please... you missed your library includes. did you include ieee.std_logic_textio.all? And do you mean to use VHDL 87 syntax? the '93 syntax is: file outfile : text open write_mode is "~\result.txt";
None of the three complies to the templates for synthesizable Verilog (e.g. ieee std 1364.1) - the event list of an always block modelling edge sensitive logic must contain only posedge and negedge events - an event can't act on both edges
Can non-blocking statements be used inside if-else statements? Didn't dave_59 clearly answer the question? As additional reading, see ieee std 1364.1, clause 5.2.2 Modeling edge-sensitive storage devices and the good old Cummings paper
The update step of non-blocking assigment without delay specification is executed at the end of the current time step, not in the "next" time step. Review ieee std. 1800 Clause 4 and 10 for details.
Hi, here is my testbench: LIBRARY ieee; USE ieee.std_logic_1164.ALL; USE ieee.std_logic_unsigned.all; use ieee.numeric_std.all; use ieee.std_LOGIC_ARITH.ALL; library std; use std.textio.all; -- (...)
LIBRARY ieee ; USE ieee.std logic 1164.all ; USE ieee.std logic unsigned.all ; ENTITY upcount IS generic (FFN : integer := 4 ); PORT ( Clock, Resetn, E : IN std LOGIC ; Q : OUT std LOGIC VECTOR (FFN-1 DOWNTO 0)) ; END upcount ; ARCHITECTURE Behavior OF upcount IS (...)
My company is switching to Altium Designer from OrCAD. I am setting up the new schematic page templates. Our schematic drawings are all D-size and are often printed on 11" x 17" paper, which is half scale. Per ANSI/ieee std 991, line spacing that has lettering between (i.e. signal names) must be 0.2" in order to be reduced to half scale for pr
Hi i am looking for Wimax standard for CPE can any one guide me which standards i need to look in for latest release , there are lot versio in ieee pls help me to select latest one. ieee std 802.16-2009, as amended by ieee std 802.16j-2009 (amendment to ieee 802.16-2009) (...)
There are no line numbers in your listing, which makes it a little difficult, but here are a few comments: 1) Don't use ieee.std_logic_arith.all, use ieee.numeric.std instead 2) (0 downto 32) is wrong, what you mean is (32 downto 0) (or maybe (0 to 32) But your main problem is that the for-loop has to be inside a process.
Review ieee std 1364, Chapter 5.2.1 Vector bit-select and part-select addressing, or an explanation in your favorite Verilog text book.