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Missing freewheeling diode! igbt/MOSFET damage just expectable. 135048 Gate driver not shown, there might be additional problems. Can you please post a pdf schematic instead of a screenshot?
The Rce of your igbt where Rce= (Vcc-Voh)/Ioh) or the effective ESR of the switch must be <5% of the motor winding resistance to minimize conduction losses in the high side driver. The spec for stgw30nc120hd indicates ; Vce_sat< 2.75V @30A @ 100'C or <2.75A @ 20A @ 25;C p-n jcn. drops with rising T so Ice max drops when water cooled to (...)
Hi Friends, Somehow, i do not understand this word completely. I came across "Desaturation" in igbt because of a circuit which was a 3Phase AC motor driver. There's a block which senses that the igbt is coming close to Desaturation and prevents it through a slow stop signal at it's Gate (Base). They say that when (...)
Helo, Here I want to remove the igbt and put a three phase mosfet bridge circuit. also want to use the same driver. what you say? Ajitkumar
How can we use H bridge circuit for DC motor as well as AC motor?? - - - Updated - - - For my final year project i am building composite driver circuit for DC as well as AC motor. So i get the information that H-bridge circuit(igbt,MosFET based) can work as chopper as well as inverter by giving PWM tecq.. Bu
Friends, my project: speed control of BLDC motor (square wave BLDC)... my motor(load) specifications are: 24VDC(for inverter) 0.25HP 3000RPM and by calculations it shows current rating will be 8Amp so the inverter should be designed for this specifications... with the help of datasheet i designed the mosfet gate driver circuit, i (...)
Starting torque takes more current and low ESR. Look at the voltage drop on your driver and consider better drivers. For BJT drivers, a current gain of 5 was normal and 10 was good. For fast switching of MOSFET the current gain of 50 is normal , and 100 to 200 is good and maybe more in igbt. Even though static gate current (...)
hi. i am going to design a 3phase inverter motor driver with igbt's. designing of pwm generator- soft start-and dead time generator is already finished.and works good. but at the power stage i have problem with IR2112! when i try to simulate the circuit the coverage problem accrues.!! i think it's due to boot strap diode or capacitor. (...)
Hi all, I am SKM400GB123D igbt Modules to control Three phase motor using PWM sine patterns igbt driver i am using is IR21362 Gate resistor is 3.3 Ohm. 1N4007 diode in parallel of gate resistor Switching frequency is 5KHz minimum Duty cycle time is 12uSec maximum Duty cycle time is 120uSec Dead time is 8uSec Gate (...)
Gents, I am working on a gate driver for a 3 phase inverter to drive an AC motor, everything seems to be working fine when the motor is stationary but as soon as i start the motor i have phase3 peak lopping (peak shaving). the gate driver output is +-15V, +-30A, 4Watts maximum, and i am using it to turn (...)
l298 data sheet contain application circuit diagram , l298 + l297 = a good driver for both dc as well as stepper motor. if you are using dc motor and dc motor is running in one direction only then , mosfet / igbt will good choice .
Hi, I'm doing a very complex internship and I realy want your help in designing a 2 phase, sinusoidal PWM inverter , 550V , 130 Amp., Iripple=30 Amp., igbt model no. is (FGL40N120AND), F sw.= 40 kHz, driver model(UCC37322), Output filter (L= 300 uH, C= 940 nF), load: linear motor. the designing of this system in based on a hard switched (...)
I use a uC, Optocoupler, MC33153 igbt driver IC, and 600V 70A HGTG40N60B3 igbt to Control A 2HP Brushed DC motor How to Connect the Following Grounds in this Diagram? In MC33153 Datasheet GND1 and M+ are Connected How is this ? and if I connect GND1 and M+ , should I connect GND2, GND3 also ? Please I need some (...)
i need a scheme for a drive stepper motor at 5-6amperes and 50-60volts , with mosfet or igbt ,,,,,,better if microstep, 1000 thanks.:D
Can somebody help me out with this 80C196MC microcontroller-based inverter motor control and IR2130six-output igbt driver Tang Yiliang; Cui Wenjin; Xie Xiaorong; Han Yingduo; Man-Chung Wong Electric Machines and Drives, 1999. International Conference IEMD apos;99 Volume , Issue , May 1999 Page(s):655 - 657
It is conventional to use mosfets , but igbt's as well . So if chip outputs, timing and load current are suitable for particular driver we can put whatever we can fit into requirements. For MOSFET there is Vgs does matter for bjt - Ib , so lets give a current via resistor and bjt will be happy to switch as long as motor current is less than (...)
IR have the special IC to do the AC servo control job. They also have a good igbt/MOSFET driver, and the igbt themself. Try their website Good luck TR2000:D