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I didn't connect the COM to ground because I'll use a Neutral-Point-Clamped arm and I don't want to make a connection between the four igbt emitter. The ground connection is required. Please consult the IR2110 application notes about permitted voltage differences between pins. Besides the required DC path between COM and VSS, t
Hi, I'm new to the TL494 and i'm using it for a buck converter. So, basically i'm using it for the igbt. I've tried carrying out the circuit given in the datasheets (for tl494) at can anyone share how the test inputs (pin 3 and 4) work? and is there a difference in
The curve looks plausible so far. It looks like the igbt is destroyed by the huge overvoltage during emergency switch-off. The only way to reduce the overvoltage are soft switch-off and dynamic clamp. But they don't necessarily work for any load circuit. I wonder, if this is a realistic short circuit scenario or an artificial (...)
oh, thanks for ur remind. as to the desaturation diode, i have connected it to the igbt.
mosfets have a tendency to fail closed, while igbts have a tendency to fail OPEN in inverter topology. so i always used igbt.
Looking at the PSPICE igbt equations and model parameters, I don't see, how tail current should be represented. Models can be verified in a test bench. Did you try? Presuming that the standard igbt models don't implement tail current, there would be of course an option to add it by analog behavioral modelling.
Hey Gentleman! Hi I think your mean is that you want to test your igbt ( is intact or not?). if yes, your answer is simple! if you give +15 volts between gate to emitter of your igbt , Its collector , emitter junction , will become short circuit( approximately). if you can see this behavior , your igbt is (...)
hi, i will suggest you a test method. in the start-up if your controller makes the dutycycle %100 your igbt will dead and you con not even notice it if it wolud not explose :) so i make my own tests with a "series lamp" always. there is a picture of it, sorry for bad drawing. but you can test your (...)
Hello everyone, Currently I am studying the switching characteristics of igbt using Pspice simulation. I downloaded the spice model from manufacturer's website (for example, Infineon and International Rectifier) and used the same dynamic test circuit recommended by the product datasheet. I found many simulation results for switching loss (...)
Hi all, I need info on how to test igbt. Can it be tested without being removed from PCB? Rgds
The BSM15GD60 data sheet can be downloaded from: As far as in-circuit testing of igbt is concerned, you will be able to test for shorts and free-wheel diodes .. For a proper test you will have to remove module from the circuit and test each igbt using (...)
I have a GE inverter that burned the control board, bridge rectifier and some fuses. I think the problem could be a bad igbt or an overvoltage or even an overcurrent but for the two last options the drive must have protection circuits so how can I test the power igbts using a Fluke 87 digital multimeter? Regards, (...)