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Im trying to implement 2nd order iir filter ( direct form 1) by xilinx block set in system generator but on output im getting noise. same filter i implemented in matlab simulink (without using xilinx block) it is working fine. I checked till feed forward path the output of matlab simulink and system generator both are same. i think that (...)
Hi all, for my sigma delta modulator I have a mathematically optimized filter impulse response (of finite length), which I need to implement as an analog filter from system point of view it could be directly implemented as an FIR filter, but since the number of taps is relatively large (~100) that does not make a lot of sense. do you (...)
Hi all!! We use a delay unit in the feed back path to implement z-1 in FIR/iir system design. I am curious to know how to implement 'z' and positive powers of z if they appear in the tranfer function. Sorry if the question seems a bit stupid :-( Thanks
Hi, I am referring to the paper "Half Band iir filter Design using MATLAB" by Lutovac and Mili, to design an iir HB filter, but I am not getting the results as expected. An example in the paper: Fp = .22; Fs = 0.5 - Fp; Rp = 0.01; As = 46; if(-10*log10(1-(10^(-Rp/10)))>As) HBAs = -10*log10(1-(10^(-Rp/10))); (...)
i want to ask that how many samples or pulses are required by an iir and fir filter according to their order in other words how many samples a filter will take as an input data to process at a time
hi evryone i m woking wth fpga spartan 3 kit i need to implement a 3rd order high pass iir filter on fpga,i have made a system generator model in matlab it is working properly so far simulations are concrned but in real time implementation it is not giving any filter response now i want to switch from system generator to vhdl i know nothing (...)
i m doing a project on implementation of iir filters using system generator based fpga. i m using spartan 3 starter kit for this purpose however i m facing problem as it is not providing me with any iir filter response while on the same fpga fir filters are working properly, can sombody help me in detecting (...)
I want to write a second order low pass iir filter. Could you please suggest me good tutorials and examples? Another Q: Could i reach 300 MHz iir with FPGA ?
Without commenting your considerations in detail, just two points: A single parametric filter with variable Q and center frequency corresponds to a second order difference equation (harmonic oscillator) and has a simple relation of parameters and coefficients. In so far it suggests a straightforward way to implement iir parametric (...)
If i use fir filter, order of HPF(remove DC) is very large. Yes, use simple first order iir.
Hello friends, I am facing problem in implementing iir filter. I have determined the coefficient for the first order Butterworth filter using MATLAB FDATOOL with sampling frequency 2000 Hz and cutoff frequency 100 Hz and used it to filter the AC signal but it isn't working. To implement this I took the adc sample in (...)
Hi everyone, i'm a new member. I have a problem... I have a task to design an elliptic iir digital filter for audio equalizer. But i know nothing about elliptic filter.. 1. Do you have a link, ebook, a digital lecture that you know? 2. I want implement it DSP Stater Kit TMS320C6713 using Simulink, can anybody give me the diagram (...)
The following are informative examples of iir filter design using PICs: Chapter 3: Infinite Impulse Response (iir) filters Microchip Appnote AN852: Implementing FIR and iir Digital filters Using PIC18 Mic
Hello, I am trying to show the difference between the outputs of FIR and iir filters. However the phase distortion in the iir filter output is not evident. Here are the scripts: (...)
hi I must use a iir filter with x1 and x2 as inputs and y1 and y2 as outputs. Relation between in and out is : y1 = (1/k2) * (x1 - y1) + (1/9 * k1) * (x2 - y2) y2 = (1/k2) * (x2 - y2) + (1/k1 ) * (x2 - y2) I need some guide to analyze this filter. How k1 and k2 determine filter response ? Ho
This acoustic spectrum analyzer is based on AVT2864 kit and the level meter NE016. The boards were made in thermal transfer method. Microcontroller used was Atmega8 and the filter used was iir. 2864 kit includes 10 c
What is the best way to handle switching from one iir filter to another in a Control based real-time system?
hi, I designed a generic bandpass filter, using as a mapping from "s" to "z", the impulse I'm trying to use it inside a VST, but I can not get it to work (in fact the output is a null signal), I do not understand where I'm wrong, I'll post the code. voi
I'm looking to implement a simple digital iir filter in C Code for my TI C2000 processor. I designed the filter in Matlab and have the b and a coefficients as: num3 = 0.272667524669321 0.272667524669321 0 den3 = 1.000000000000000 -0.454664950661358 0 The filter should (...)
I've designed a biquad iir filter, and I would like to quantize the filter coefficients so that the difference equation can be used in a fixed-point FPGA code written in Verilog. The filter input ranges between 0 and ((2^12) -1) fixed-point values. The difference equation is Direct Form I ( ), an