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95 kHz sampling rate sounds reasonable. What do you mean exactly with "but above 9KHz it is not stable"? Strictly spoken, FIR filters are stable by nature. Did you verify the filter operation in Matlab with the numeric resolution used in the FPGA implementation? If you are implementing a Chebyshev filter of moderate order, (...)
The question: if h(t) is an analog iir filter, with the poles λ_1 = -1, λ_2 = -1+i, λ_3 = -1-i and no zeros. and h is a digital II
hi i have simulated a digital adaptive iir filter using modelsim by giving noise and sin wave.i have to give analog signal as input.wrot a code using VHDL.i get samples of sin and noise wave by using matlab simulink but i dont how to give this as input of filter into modelsim and how write test bench by workspace value of matlab.:cry:
helo every one, how we determine the coefficient (a, b) of an iir filter?:!:
I assume, the homework problem is meant to be taken literally. Although not mentioned in the post, it's apparently related to Matlab. I guess, the signal data haven't been given originally as a *.pdf file? If they are however, you can show basic knowledge by converting it to a table file to be read-in by signal processing tools directly. Otherwi
Hi everyone. Here is my project and I need your help to solve this project. I did something but I dont know what is wrong in my code. If you fix it I will get 20 points from my lecture. The most important problem is option "d" please I have to submit this project next week... An iir highpass filter with a Butterworth characteristic is requi
I'm engaged in my project for design of iir filter using GA. very soon it will be submitted, so i request plz anybody help me.
Hi guys I have got this problem for a month ,but i don't know how to finish it ? So will you please send me the programs to me ? So I can have a better knowledge of iir Thank you
Current Processors can compute 1 output per cycle for a 10 tap FIR filter, may take 3-4 cycles per 1 output for a 10 tap iir filter. Hope that helps........
Hi, I am doing survey on "Hardware modules of Signal Processing", Anyone has any material related to FIR/iir digital hardware using MACs? Useful links will also be helpful. Thanks, Regards, Naveed
How long is the wiring between the sensor and the micro? If it's long (like 40cm or so) then you might want to use a shielded cable for that. And what is the time constant or cutoff frequency of that RC filter? It might be just bad component calculation. Other solution would be to implement an iir or FIR filter inside MCU, but unfortunately (...)
There's some code involved like CIC filter, FIR filter, iir filter ,Cordic algorithm and FFT in the book "Digital Signal Processing with Field Programmable Gate Arrays".Hope it would be helpful.
Hello, I want to implement a high-pass butterworth filter of 4th order in VHDL. To design it, I use Octave and once I find a suitable filter, I write down its coefficients: a = {1 ; a1 ; a2 ; a3 ; a4} b = {b0 ; b1 ; b2 ; b3 ; b4} Then in my VHDL code I use the following equation with the coefficients above: y = b0.x + b1.x[n - 1
Hi saatwik, I'm not specialized in audio technology (I guess you are speaking about audio applications), but I can guess that if FIR filter are not used, this is because the same result is obtained more simply with iir. Of course, peak and notch filters can be made in FIR. But: a) if the filter is sharp (high Q) a great (...)
the output is perfectly correct... this is the output of labview of a iir filter. just wanted to know of how a iir filter will filter out the unwanted signal or distortion and finally produces pure signal. i mean its band pass
The "piece of code" if pasted would be helpful. The input signal needs to be quantized into the corresponding bits. Then you can do your baseband processing i.e. filtering etc.. For filtering: i) an iir filter stability is much more difficult to achieve than an FIR. You might also want to take causality when looking at the (...)
Here's a few links to DSP in C tutorials to get you started: Introduction to FIR Digital filters The simple FIR filter
hello,this is praveen here,am new to dsp ,am doing project on iir filter.i have write a novel architecture for iir filter regarding power consumption.please anyone knows about iir filter plz give me a architecture (which is having adder,multiplier,delay elements)with any better (...)
actually am doing a project regardiing iir filter in that i have to write new architecture in that adder,multiplier ,delay elements are using but i hav to select a better adder and multiplier.thats why am have any better design architecture for iir filter ..please help me
Hi, I'll start by explaining what I want to achieve: - I have a sine wave with variable frequency, in a wide range 0 - 200kHz - I pass this sine wave through a ADC - ADC sampling frequency is not high enough and I need more sample/sec after ADC - In order to do this I use a iir (4 order) with cutting frequency around 300KHz but with sampling