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Hello memeth! There is a simple script to give you all the necessary details you need for your filter. Each of the iir filter has a script to give you the nominators and denominators of the filter (like butter) but they also have a script for evaluating the necessary parameters. For butterworth filter (...)
Clearly the answer depends on the type of impulse response. To represent an arbitrary impulse response, you would need a respective number of FIR coefficients. Some classes of responses may be reproducable with a rather short iir structure, others not at all. Generally, the advantage of iir shows with representing time-continuous filters (...)
can channel impulse response (CIR) of the wireless channel is to be approximated.??? do u suggest any iir filter design techniques which could be used to approximate the time reverse of the CIR with a good stability?? Say, the channel impulse response was 4000 samples. could it be approximated to fewer coefficients where it would have imforma
Hi, I am measuring voltage across inductor.. which is differentiated .. i.e. LdI/dt.. With frequency di/dt increases linearly. So I want to integrate the measured signal inside DSP. I am new to DSP. Can somebody help me. I tried using LPF 1st order iir filter, but not giving me exact results. Please help.
Hi, I used signal procesing tool box (FDA tool) to for my iir filter design. I tried to obtain Differential Equation for this filter. This is what I have from Matlab. But I don't know how to apply these filter coefficients to get Differential Equation. Can you please help? Thanks ======================= Section # 1 (...)
I would like to design a iir filter that can deal with variable sampling frequency. Another way to say, the number of coefficient is changing and value is is different in real time. Is there any good book or article abt it? Besides how to design a efficient iir filter in FPGA? thanks
i am doing project in dsp on multirate and multistage filter design and application is below attachment,can anyone do the matlab/simulink for me pleaseeeeeeeeee
I am a little confused? What do you mean it works at lower frequency? One possible cause could be the implementation errors in FIR/iir approximation. As i understand, Simulink is a time domain simulation tool, so the filter block must be doing some FIR/iir for the time domain response. now filters in time domain are (...)
Hi You are given an iir filter and now you have to approximate the given iir filter with an FIR one.
Hello all, I would want to implement in PIC18 a digital filter (iir or FIR...), I read an interesting application note to integrate the filter in a pic; ( ) but I don't know how I could calculate coefficients of FIR or iir filter and what is the method to build a digital filter with the s t
I made a filter with simulink and used one of its tools to create vhdl code out of it. I implemented it on an FPGA and it gives me reasonable output except that the frequencies that it pass are not the frequency I designed it to pass. When testing in matlab, a FFT of the output from the filter gives a single peak at 82Hz, but the filter on (...)
is there any algorithm written in C to filter out the data The simplest approach would be to take the moving average of the last n samples. More sophisticated approach would be the FIR or iir filter.
For EMG you can implement a FIR filter with the order that you want and can conservate the phase mainly if you apply an iir will destroy the phase. with a MC56F8025 is enough to implement this in realtime the EMG signal are slow signal in comparison with the DSP capability. pls review the following link for a cheap CPU. www.freescale.
how can i make GUI iir filter function.. i have design picture like help....
Export coefficients to workspace and use filter(...) function to apply ur iir filter for given signal
I have an FRS demo model,..on receiver side there is decimation and filtering , for that Direct Form 2 SOS filters have been used, i am unable to understand its working :( and after decimation , channelizer block with iir biquad filters is used...these models are in made Simulink using System Generator blocksets,...can (...)
I am in a situation where I need a powerful coprocessor to take care of large sets of algorithm expressions (the algorithm lines are in a repetative form with different values, think block iir filter). I have my eyes on the new Spartan-6 devices, with their DSP48A1 blocks for algorithm power and integrated memory blocks for storage of the input and
When creating interpolation simulink model, I got two different result from these two models. Assume I want to create upsampling 2x system. The first system, upsampling 2x then halfband FIR filtering. The second system, only use one polyphase iir filter. I think these two systems should be the same amplitude after (...)
hi i need a code for FIR ,iir filter, i'm using ccs3.3 320c5x/6x. i cant create a code. could u pls send the download link or send a file to my mail.thankx ram
I designed a Butterworth iir filter in matlab. I want to see frequency response of filter (not FFT) i.e Amplitude Vs Frequency. How to get this? If anybody have matlab code for this please do send me. Thanks.