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One of the closest book you can try getting is Labview Digital Signal Processing and Digital Communication... However, there is only one chapter on FIR and iir design... and is rather basic... not too sure if it is of help... Or else you could look up NI website... they do have some great tutorials in Labview... otherwise post at the user fo
FIR is finite impulse response and hence it would be characterised by the absence of poles.... for the case of iir there would be poles......
Check moving average. It i sthe simplest FIR, But it can be realized with iir structure eficiently . Can somone let me know it the moving average is actually FIR or iir :-)
An AR filter is an iir filter where as MA is an FIR filter
hi all, actually in verilog iir is working but same program in vhdl is not working is a 4 tap iir filter have u generated through matlab....? how is it 4 tap? cos matlab gives it as biquad sections. is it 4'th order...? is it the netlist not working or the simulation? how did u decide it is not wo
I would like to design a first order iir high filter with equeation y = x - x + a * y I wrote the following verilog code, but the result is not correct . Can any one tell me why? input wire signed Xn, output reg signed Yn, parameter a = 0.9; reg signed Xn-1; wire signed diff = Xn-Xn-1; a
What kind of filter FIR or iir? I think you should ask in the DSP/Signal processing forum. In Matlab there are functions that calculate the filter coefficients. You should provide the type, bandstop/notch for example the window type for FIR or the filter type Butterworth, etc for iir. I think you can find (...)
I designed a first order iir filter in verilog with floating point coefficients.I am writing equivalent C code.What my doubt is is it possible to simulate both verilog and C code simultaneously with the test vectors defined in verilog test bench.I think there will be solution for this case.I am using ncverilog compiler and gcc comp
I am implementing iir filter in verilog with equation y(n)=a*x(n)+(1-a)*y(n-1) a is floating point no with 5 bits x is integer with 7 bit input .y(n) is 12 bit with 5bits floating and 7 bit integer part I used 2's complement logic for 1-a. I did multiplication by shit and add.I used rounding function for y(n) with ref
vjfaisal, FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filters are cosntructed using weighted sums of current and past samples of input data. . iir (Infinite Impulse Response) filters are cosntructed using weighted sums of current and past samples of data plus weighted sums of previous samples of output data. . The filter "taps" (...)
Hi All, I need the procedure and theory(maths) to get the equivalent continuous-time impulse/frequency response of a digital iir filter. To put the problem in other words, I have the coefficients of the digital iir filter and need to identify the parameters for equivalent analog filter. Also, the (...)
Is this expression true: "A practical notch filter is designed with iir filter." Why?
Hi, If you want a prototype iir, download ONEoverT, generate a project file and send it to them or email them with your specifications. It costs about $50 for an .edf or equivalent file. They mention it on their website. I don't think they will give you the VHDL though, that would cost more. Bob
Hi, I need to implement 2nd order iir bandpass filter in FPGA using verilog code. 2nd order iir bandpass filter transfer function is H(z) = (0.13875 - 0.13875z-?)/(1 - 1.6614z-1 + 0.7225z-?) (Note:In above equation z-1, z-? are nothing but z power -1 , -2.) center frequency is 24.6875 Hz lower -3db frequency (...)
IS recursive filter iir,and transersal filter FIR especially with taps?
iir filters have nonlinear phase. If you want linear phase, use a FIR filter.
Hi u haven't given the cut off values however here is a 16 bit input 16 bit output 2'nd order iir butterworth bpf. lfc 250 Hz and Hfc 555Hz. matlab generated code. // Discrete-Time iir filter (real) // ------------------------------- // filter Structure : Direct-Form I, Second-Order Sections // Number of (...)
filter in z domain represent generally a iir filter. Could u give detail about ur filter design?
Hi guys, If I have known the coefficient of iir filter,how can i import it to Matlab? Thank you!
amriths04, It's not possible to compare the responses in general. What you can do is design an iir filter to meet a set of specifications. The design a fir filter to meet the same specifications. The compare the frequency and time domain responses. . Yes iir filters are realizeable. A common method of (...)

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