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I'm working on a MATLAB image processing program, the input will be a live video from a webcam and the output when sent to a PC it works well, but i need to send the output of this webcam to a controller ( what is the suitable controller can i use?). Thanks in advance
Hi i m working on processing a image in real time but i dont no how to connect the webcamera with matlab and how to get image in real time Please help
Hi, Is it possible to quickly process images captured from a webcam connected to the beaglebone. By processing I mean, the images have to be captured (via USB) or probably streamed, then the program has to scan the image (pixel by pixel) for a particular color say red. When found an output is (...)
hi all currently i work under a project called smart gesture control system but i have problem in image processing which it comparing the image based on the code i have done is 1. matlab interfacing with webcam (done) 2. Matlab image saving convert to binary image (done) 3. using (...)
have a look at the following thread which discusses attaching a webcam to a microcontroller any reason why not attach the webcam direct to your PC? do you intend to do some image processing in the MCU?
Sure, by using a webcam you can do many creative and interesting projects using MATLAB image processing toolbox. OpenCV is another tool (C++ library) from Intel, and involves more programming; its also very much fast and better than MATLAB image processing toolbox.
Hello There is some kind of web cams that tracks the moving object and making it into the focus of its vision field. So it tracks the body . Actually I do want to make an application using ordinary webcam based on 2 motors and a microcontroller controller for controlling webcam motion, but the image processing will be (...)
demetal, For starting, you can achieve some results with an image set database. For further testings, can use a webcam. Take some care with proper cam positioning, due NN is not an invariant scale recognizing algorithm. +++
I want to interface 8051 with webcam such that it sends video to 8051 which further sent to the computer via RS232 serial port for image processing using matlab.Reason for first sending the images to 8051 is that , I want to make a robot which captures the video and sends to the PC via serial port and computer controls the (...)
In image processing, is commonly used MATLAB to start, and further convert .M file to .C file. You can use C routines inside C++ compiler with few changes. Simulink allow interface with webcam. +++
hi to all, i am doing a project using image processing can anyone help me how to connect webcam in the matlab. any help will be highly appreciate.. thank you..
can anybody tell me how can i access video or streaming webcam via matlab ? or in other way how can we build a video processing via matlab.. i hope there is explanation plus the code for matlab... i really need it for my project at my digital image processing class.. thanx alot for the help...
Hi Matlab has huge support for image processing. check out on google or even on this forum, image processign in Matalab. bye
hi buddies, i need to interface a webcam in borland c++builder enviroment for video processing (motion detection and tracking). exactly i need a code snippet that read the usb webcam and return a matrix as output . if anybody have such a code or know a place in www please let me know. thanks.
Decoding a barcode image received from a webcam. That's what I have to do for a project at my Masters right now.....
Hello Guys, Please make me understand which one of CCTV or webcam will be better for using image processing of real time video(edge detection,pattern recognition). And also thing, which software has faster in speed for image processing (Matlab or Visual C++)? Thank you Buts101
I need command of matlab software..that are used for interfacing with PC webcam. And also plz give me links related projects which involve image processing, matlab and webcam. Thank you. Looking forward your reply.
Would you please give a solution to make a sensor that could detect a traffic congestion without image processing for my thsesis. regards atnos Hi, You can use webcam to take picture of the traffic congestion, then use an algorithm for image processing. nukhung
You can check video and image processing blockset of matlab simulink. Especially look at the demos of the blockset. They are not real time applications but I have tried several projects with a simple webcam in real time.
for webcam image capturing good image library loading and saving various image formats and have built in image processing functions