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In a multiple conversion receiver each mixer (or mixing process) would have its own image frequency, whatever is the 1st, the 2nd, or the 3rd in the chain. An image filter placed in the front of a mixer will suppress the image signal AND the image noise. Usually the 1st mixer use at its (...)
Hi, I'm building a Wifi 2.4GHz receiver for class using a 0.13 um process operating at 1.2V. I need some advice. I'm making a heterodyne receiver and somewhat finished my LNA design. The next part after the LNA would be the image Rejection Filter for the mixer and one of the specifications is to have IRR=40dB. From what I read, the Hartle
Hello, I am taking a parallel programming course with X10 language developed by IBM. We need to work on a parallel programming project for the whole semester. I am brainstorming from the first day of the class to come up with a project proposal. I would appreciate if anyone share some project ideas with me. My background is Electrical Engineer
hi all i m working on interfacing and tracking of UAV using image processing if any one know about tracking thrugh image processing then plz do help
Let me refine my quesiton. 1. I adopt the image rejection architecture rather than the preceded filter to reject the image. 2. The conversion should be single conversion from RF to IF. And, do the image rejection in the IF. 3. Any integrated image rejection method is welcome, such as polyphase filter, (...)
Seeing Your image under a signal Theory point of view, You can simply use methods like Fourier Descriptors. If You consider the image how a stocasthic process, You can apply methods like Supervisioned Classification, but it's a bit difficult if You aren't expert on Matlab programming and Remote Sensing & Digital (...)

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