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hi please anyone can give me code to implement zf equalizer in matlab with 2*2 mimo ofdm system please please it will be a big virtue
I have designed a simple adaptive equalizer in wireless domain to transmit a few random bits and receive the corrupted bits in Rx section, I have both the m-file and simulink project with me. At the next level of my project I need to implement the design in hardware domain and analyze the result and compare the hardware utilization etc. I have Xili
Hi, I have to implement an adaptive equalizer using the LMS Algorithm in VHDL. I don't have a training sequence so I have to use the CMA (constant Modulus Algorithm) for the filter coefficients to converge. I have a 3-tap FFE and an 8-tap DFE. However, the problem is the coefficients do not converge to a stable value. If
Hello :-D , Could someone please help me.. I'm working on DVB-t in matlab. I need a source code for the equalizer part, or just some hints on how should I implement the equalizer.. knowing that dvb-t is based on "the pilots" for the equalization.. Most articles use "Least Mean Square adaptive algorith" but this last is b
Hello .. Right now I have a very important project on OFDM Channel Estimation .. I already did the OFDM passing through an AWGN channel .. So the next step is to implement frequency selective fading and then have an equalizer at the receiver to restore the signal .. and the final step is to do the channel estimation using two ways .. I was think
I need to implement following expressions for the GRPE in MATLAB lembda = inv(E*inv((A-T'*inv(R)*T))*E) *c; g = inv(A-T'*inv(R)*T)*E*lembda f = inv(R)*T*g where R:autocorrelation of channel output T:cross correlation of channel out put and input data A:autocorrelation of input data i only have access to channel output how do i com
Hi everyone, i'm a new member. I have a problem... I have a task to design an elliptic IIR digital filter for audio equalizer. But i know nothing about elliptic filter.. 1. Do you have a link, ebook, a digital lecture that you know? 2. I want implement it DSP Stater Kit TMS320C6713 using Simulink, can anybody give me the diagram block? P
Hello I want to implement an equalizar for a rf channels. I am a beginner in matlab, could you please help me for some codes. Some plots could be interesting. Can we use a format like that format y=x-a1*x-a2*x-a3*x
I'm fairly new to MATLAB, so please excuse me for any mistakes or ignorance. I'm having to use the (very old) hpeq toolbox for this because we don't have the post 2006 variant of MATLAB in our college lab (which incorporates the parameq option in the FDATool). With hpeq, what I have is: = hpeq(N,G0,G,GB,w0,Dw); where B an
Can we implement the LMMSE equalizer using LMS algorithm. What is difference between LMMSE and LMS, will this both functions converge. In fact I want to realize the LMMSE equalization for WCDMA signal. Also, If there are any relevant information is known to you, pls do post it here.
Hi, I am trying to implement a simulink model of LMS equalizer using system generator but I have some errors, since it is my first time with simulink. here is the simulink model as an attached file. Please help me. Regards.
Hi, I'm doing my final year project about blind equalizer based on kernel methods(I'm beginner with Matlab).I have implement this code based on this research "Generalized Correlation Function: Definition,Properties, and Application to Blind equalization".you can find it online i dont know exactly how to implement gaussian kernel and the
I was given a project implement a three band equalizer in Verilog,on an Xilinx spartan III FPGA.... Can you please give any code or related block diagram if possible......
Iam tring to implemnt in matlab.... how to implement this model???
Hello, I was wandering if anybody can give me a hint about by litle project......I have to implement a 3-band (low-band-high-pass) equalizer in NIOS using UPIP audio core. I have a little problem with programming Nios in C...... I also have implemented this EQ in TI's C6713, using Matlab for the filters design, but in NIOS........ I (...)
How I can implement an equlizer using viterbi algorithm?
My guess is the LMS is an adaptive method to implement MMSE (MSE is the "cost function" ). MMSE aims to minimize the mean square error, LMS is an adaptive method to achieve the same. Am I right? -b
i have a project to implement an audio equalizer on fpga its input is in PCM (.WAV) format then ill use an appropriate dac to drive an analog amplifier, can anybody would help in the specs of this equalzier?
actually i am an undergraduate electronic engineer and this year i am making my graduation project to design and implement an MP3 player, mp3 decoding and the equalizer will be implemented digitally using FPGA then i ll use an appropriate DAC to implement the amplifier on a PCB, i have done the mp3 decoding and i reasearched (...)
frequency domain equalizers are much simpler that time domain equalizers. In OFDM we implement equalizer after FFT,so here frequency domain equalizer is a simple equalizer = FFT out/(CHannel Estimate) .