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Export the designed file in gerber file format from ADS....U can import the same and edit it in cst.... Thanks,
Hi everyone! I don't like drawing in cst so i using Corel Draw X5. I saved my design as dxf, but after importing in cst it's look like... Print screen in attach. What I should do to get proper import? Thank you.
Which version of ADS are you using? If it is ADS 2011.01 or later simply make sure that you are performing the import into a library that is configured with a technology that uses mm as the layout units and not the default mils. It is best to creat this library prior to performing the import. Changing the units after you import the (...)
I made a simple patch antenna in cst. Now I want to compare its results (S11) by designing it in ADS and HFSS. I'm able to import dxf files from cst into HFSS and ADS. I successfully simulated the design in HFSS but was wondering if I can simulate the dxf file in ADS (Momentum) as well? Is it doable? (...)
Did anyone successfully made Sinuous antenna in cst? I need to do parametric sweep in cst therefore .dxf/.sat files are not good enough. Any help is appreciated. Cheers Hi I haven't worked in this field, however, you can use "Antenna Magus" to use from its data base , then you can import your antenna into (...)
Try to put the root of the coordinate system in the plane that you want to export. You can use/create a working coordinate system (WCS) for this: Select a point in the plane, then WCS->Local Coordinate System Export it again. Do you have a software to open the dxf files? For example many drawing software can import dxf. With this you could (...)
Maybe if you have exported your model to dxf in cst and then importe to Altium, it may not work because dxf (in cst 5.0 atleast) is 2D and all layers may not have been exported precisely. What I would suggest is to export the file in *.step or *.sat. Then may be you will have to again convert this to DWG (...)
I have designed a pcb for power led drivers and now i want to simulate the electromagnetic fields created around this pcb. I have dxf file and want to simulate it in cst MWS but I cannt't import this dxf file in cst. can anyone tell me how to import this file to cst and (...)
Hi, I used the following steps to export the cst structure to Altium. 1. cst export dxf file 2. use CAD open dxf and save as dxf 2000 version (only 2000&2004 version work) 3. use Altium import dxf and generate the gerber files The elements have ring shape. But (...)
I'm also trying to get gerber file from cst. I tried to export the .dxf but it seems there is some problem. Does any one know how to get the gerber file from cst? Almost any CAM editor like CAM350, Gerbtool, Camtastic, etc, can import a dxf file, and export a Gerber file. Likewise, almost any EDA (...)
With ADS export in dxf each layer then you can import in cst
File->export and then select the format u want to export (most probably in dxf and then import it in any CAD software.
Hi you need no software for that, you can export a model with dxf format to you project directory in ADS and then import that file from ADS with dxf format(file is better to be in you project directory in ADS) I hope it'll be helpful
Hi fly_fish transalate it to dxf (autocad format) i think the guy with the gerber can trans. it to gerber. or import the dxf to ads(agilent) then trans. it to gerber. PL
hi what is the feko setting to correctly import dxf file? someone have a examples. tanks

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