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hi all. im simulating afighter with FEKO. i was import the .dxf fighter model with its mesh into the FEKO, and mount a monopole antena on the structure. the mesh of the fighter was performed with the 3Dmax , and distinctly has a larg mesh elements. and the monopole antenna has the small structure (freq = 3GHz), and has small mesh element size.
hi sir i want to image file convert to dxf file but not import in allegro error will come plz send me software and how to using the software and also how to import the allegro plz send soon................................./
Hello all, I am trying to import a file .dxf file from solid works in to Cadstar 12.1v. The issue i am having is that it says "error: A shape on dxf layer 0 is not closed. Shapes of this type must be closed. The last segment found for this shape ended at (1000.036220, 999.000000) Thousandths of an inch. (...)
Hi Everyone, I am not able to import dxf files into Ansoft Designer 4 or to HFSS 11/12. I am getting the following error when I tried to import, using Layout->import File " viewport entity with no extended data" Any suggestions regarding this error? Thanks, sv
try to import dxf in some dxf vievers. Most probably your dxf will be containing some data( say Splines) thet is not supported by most of the PCB softwares. Visualcad, which is along with Cadence Layoutplus can cure such errors.
I made a pcb project and when i import dxf or Gerber the following error occur. And i cannot see anything LWPOLYLINE entity was discarded because of invalid vertex coordinates (20,7.50011). But if i make CAM project the import is successful but i cannot export to pcb (File->export->PCB). is disabled.
Dear all, im having problem with ADS2006 dxf import. Whenever i import a dxf file into layout, an error message pops up: "File 'C:\documents' is not a dxf file". Then another pops up: "The program had a problem opening the file c:\documents provided as a command line (...)
Hi All I have designed a microstrip antenna used hsff. and i need to transfer it to CircuitCAM for fabrication. I tried to export the design from hsff as .dxf files, but the CircuitCAM counld not import it, there was "syntax error". CircuitCAM supports Gerber files, but hsff can not save as that format. I hope someone can get me some (...)
Hi I am trying to import a .dxf file into Allegro and the following error is observed: error 214: EOF found on symbol conversion file. What causes this error? Thanks Reena
When I import a dxf into momentum, there is an error saying that the shape of layout can't be recognized. What I did is: 1. File-->import-->dxf (hierarchical) 2. select a dxf file Is this error from that my dxf file isn't hierarchical? what can I do to (...)
hi everyody: '' import Native Bodies: Translation of "D:/fractal/carpet.dwg" failed. '' It seems to me that the usual mistake when working with AutoCad just happened to you, you are trying to import DWG not dxf (read carefully the error message). Try exporting dxf from AutoCad and (...)
hi,i want to simulate yagi antenna using momentum under ads,i want to import the yagi.dxf but there is error ,what i do,i have linkcad,autocad .pls help