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Export the designed file in gerber file format from ADS....U can import the same and edit it in CST.... Thanks,
I found a software about PCB and Microwave simulation tools 'S-Nap pcb suite' But it's not enough information about how to use it. I wanna ask Edaboard seniors, any guys use it before? I have some question , that if simulate Signal integrity, shall it need import gerber files, drill files, dsn files, or location files?? or indivial of it can
In the layout view pick File > import... and select the "gerber/Drill" File type.
Is it possible to import Eagle Pcb design into Advance design system(ADS)
you can generate gerber in CST. modeling --> import/export -->export 2D files --> gerber (single layer).
Hi everyone, I've been trying to get the copper layout of a previously designed PCB imported into Altium's PCB editor. I've been following the procedure found at: and have been able to import the files into Altium's CAMtastic CAM editor. I've set up the Layer
dxf files, other than pdf or bitmap graphics come with exact dimensions, because it's a mechanical CAD data format. If you see wrong size, it's either a problem of your viewer or wrong dimensions setup in HFSS. Nevertheless dxf files can be scaled to intended exact size in a CAD tool. A number of full featured gerber tools can import dxf and con
GVPrevue usually needs import settings to know about the drill file and embedded tool table scaling which are asked during NC import. I think, the operation is straightforward. At worst case, you may have generated gerber and drill data with different origin, so you must apply an offset to get them matched in the gerber (...)
simulate the design by importing into ads layout I answered your question in ADS forum, but it seems that you misunderstood the answer. Problem: If you import your gerber/GDSII, the default is that imported metal is on new layers (not on cond). These new layers are not included in EM simulation, because the defa
Which PCB design software can import JPG-BMP-Tiff-Gif schematic picture into a schematic file ? and then into gerber ? usually one can right click (save image as)from a website as JPG ..but the time consumed to draw it again into the PCB software...3 or 5 ICs with all components,some parts are also not in the library... it is a time killer ...Anyon
I don't believe there's any way to go from a gerber file back to a proprietary format, whether it's Eagle, PADS, or anything else. You can, however, translate gerbers to DXF, and then maybe import the DXF into your program.
Hi everyone, i edited gerber file i know it is not good.i have to edit in layout only.right now i have not that Board i edited in CAM350.but i could not import the edited file in other gerber tool like View mate.please suggest any one for this mail
Yes it is, import the first one then file, import gerber - select for the same layer and choose merge.
Here you have the gerber files, you can import them to your favourite packages.
This drawing was done in Cadsoft Eagle!!! This is a PICKIT2 Clone!!! Export gerber in Eagle and import into Orcad to get the footprint, or just create your own footprint!!!
Hey guys i was trying to generate a gerber file after designing a microstrip antenna using IE3D Zeland but I'm not familiar with gerber file structure so I have the following questions: 1)when I import a .geo file i find it has ,for example, five layers but when i press gerber options I ALWAYS find 3 this normal?? 2)what (...)
Hi Rocky , Ur NC Drill setting seems be ok , pls check ur gerber Setup ,there is Drill Drawing option , pls check if it is also ticked ok . If all of these are done . than check either u have imported the File- import- Drill Data in the gerber file . Thanks
Altium can read gerber or DXF format. Is that possible for cadence? I've tried to export a DXF file with ADS the import it with cadence , but I don't know why the button "import" was desactivated !! I could'nt do this. Have u any idea how we can pass from ads to cadence many thanks
I have an issue with ADS Layouts. I want to generate a gerber File of two PCBs in a single panel. How should I specify the panel boundaries, the cutout layer, and the solder mask layer? You can export your ADS file as a DFX, then import that DFX file in to a PCB Layout program, and do you partitions in that p
hi Tamil, if you change any thing from schematic and import file you will get eco file. Photoplot outline for Manufacturing process it consist of gerber format.drill size..etc (better make save as and then generate gerber you may be get file )
Hi every one , i am using View mate software for CAM view i import the gerber file, i need to highlight the trace which has 25 mil trace traveling in 6 layer . how to highlight all 25 mil trace width which is running in different layers. please help for this post
Is there a drill hit at that point? You very likely will not see the via inside the pad in the gerbers because it will be overshadowed by the larger pad. (You could delete or change to very small the apeture for the larger pad to see it.) You will however see a drill hit if you also import the NC data into your viewer.
Steps to PCB design using Orcad. 1. Design circuit using schematic entry package (Capture). 2. Generate netlist for PCB package. 3. import netlist into PCB package. 4. Place components, route signals. 5. Generate machining (gerber) files for PCB plant. The above mentioned are the basic steps involved in designing an PCB...... I Really wonder
Hi, Open one new cam document file from file -new- cam document , then go to file - import -gerber in cam document.
DXF/DWG export is mostly used for mechanical construction,that's why objects are exported as empty blocks. For PCB manufacturing gerber export is used and the exported objects will be filled in gerber other hand, ODB++ export is a industry standard and many PCB design programs are compatible to import/export tasks.
When you go in to GCprevue do import not OPEN. Select all the files except a couple - the GPI and either DRI or DRC - I cannot remember which. They are information files - you can check with a text editor which they are. The OPEN in GCprevue opens its own format of files. It is worth saving the layout in gwk format so you can look later without
I fully agree with marce there is no problem with CAM350 rather you should try to make your import setting in CAM350 same as you gerber setting , like gerber format, import unit (mm or inches) integer places and decimal places etc. And if you still have problem you can open these file in Altium CAM viewer "CAMtastic" (...)
Hi K.Mehta, Before importing first you check all the plugins required to import are installed or not(DXP/plugins and updates). To import gerber just open one Cam file from file menu then try to import. DXF/DWG-you can import in both sch and pcb file depending on your requirement.
If the other suggestions have not worked for you, you want to say the ALTUM file as a DFX file , then import that to Momentum. It might not have the er, # of layers, etc.. imbedded in the DFX, but it will give you the art work.
If you use 'File/import/Autoimport' and then, after selecting the directory, use the 'Next' button on the dialog box. The files will be loaded and displayed in a dialog box. You can then use the 'Format' buttons to change the units and match the Drill file to the gerber files.
Hi All, Hopefully I'm posting in the right section of the forum. I have an old ASCII file which fails to get imported in UniCAM FX Would anyone know how to import it in UniCAM FX or other software that can export it in UniCAM FX compatible format? Thanks V. _______________________________________________________________________________
Hi, I used the following steps to export the CST structure to Altium. 1. CST export DXF file 2. use CAD open DXF and save as DXF 2000 version (only 2000&2004 version work) 3. use Altium import DXF and generate the gerber files The elements have ring shape. But the problem is that the exported DXF and gerber files only have the (...)
hi all, is that possible to import pcad2002 gerber output in allegro16.0? any help would be appreciated thanks & regards
Hello All Could anyone help me importing PADS gerber (.pho) files to Expedition design for reference? Thanks in advance Rajkumar R
Do you know what files you are able to import into Cadence? For Cadence RFIC, the top 3 file formats are: 1. GDSII 2. GDSII 3. GDSII ddis can use GDSII and should have no problem. gerber is only used in PCB, and make things more complicated anyway because each layer is in a separate file.
Hi everyone I'm wondering whether you could give some opinions. We have layouts designed and simulated in ADS such as LNA, antenna etc .. and we want to use each of these ADS designed layout as a PCB library component in Altium. So the prob is: it seems to me that import Wizard feature in Altium PCBlibrary Can' import gerber layout. (...)
Dear friends, I want to import PADS gerber to momentum for simulation.I met a problem that unit pads2007,i select mm or inch(as attached),generate garber.But when i import them to momentum,i found some cases:The copper layer size is correct,but the drill is always the drills look smaller as photo.How can i fix the problem?
I think Orcad can import directly from DXF, PLT or gerbers. If it can't import gerbers you can use programs like CAM350 to open the gerbers and export them as PLT or DXF
how can i import the old gerber file into new board layout in allegro 16.2 Actually if you know what format the gerbers are and if they are of RS274X and from Allegro then its very easy to import them. Just goto File>import>Artwork and then select the format, Layer to import and units, (...)
Yes, you can view Altium gerber files, and gerbers generated with most layout tools, in OrCad layout. In Layout, click Tools, then GerbTool, then new. This brings up GerbTool. From there, File->import->gerber. Ryan O'Connor 911EDA, Inc.
If you have access to Ansoft Designer, you can export the *.sm2 file from HFSS, import it into Designer and then export from Designer in a gerber format. Make sure all your units are consistent.
Hi All, Can I know what is correct procedure to import gerber file together with the via information. For first time import, my via is missing...but when i include .drr or .drl...gerber union gives me an error message...something like this "fileA.DRL is a RS274D file" "fileB.GBL is a RS274X file" "only files with (...)
You should know, how you setup the gerber file generation in Allegro. If the file generation and import to GCPrevue has been done correctly, there should be an "outline" physical layer. If so, what data is contained in it? If not, where did you expect the outline data from Allegro to go? If outline data is present, but shows a wrong contour, th
as far as i know it is not possible. format you can import are: pcad orcad pads cadstar cadence mentor gerber files. Cheers
I made a pcb project and when i import DXF or gerber the following error occur. And i cannot see anything LWPOLYLINE entity was discarded because of invalid vertex coordinates (20,7.50011). But if i make CAM project the import is successful but i cannot export to pcb (File->export->PCB). is disabled.
I am trying to find out what program created a bunch of cam project files that end in .cst but am having no success. The file is in ascii and lists the gerber files that are part of the project and an ini type entry pointing to c:\act30 as well as a group of settings indicative of a gerber editor. I would ultimately like to import these (...)
Following are the files Can somebody tell me how to import them into Orcad Pcb editor
Hfss can export a DXF file. Once you have that, you need a CAM editor, or other PCB software that can import the DXF and export the gerber files. Without knowing what sofware you have at your disposal, it's difficult to give detailed directions. If you can get the dxf file, and you can't find software at your location to convert it to (...)
Ok thank you for your reply, My problem with the import of file, I have some design with hfss I would obtain the layout using GerbTool so I import the file from hfss (*.dxf) and I try to export it under GerbTool but I don?t obtain the desired layout (it give me only the substrate and the ground plane only but not the structure on the top) so the
First you need to import the DXF to layout and then export to gerber. Its try and iterative process in setting the various check boxes