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Hello, I need to import field source equation in CST but I don't know how to do it? is there any particular format? Many thanks.
Hello, I have generated a signal in Matlab, and now I want to use it as voltage source for a spice circuit. Is there a way to import the signal in Pspice? Many thanks. Anton89
Hi, I have a setup for measuring the EVM for 3GPP WCDMA data, as shown The question is I want to replace the test signal from a signal obtained in virtuoso (let's say I have the .csv file for the signal). C
Hi, When i import a design into SDK (ISE design suite 14.7) and create a board support package, i get the error below: Staging source files. Running DRCs. Running generate. Running post_generate. Running include - 'make -s include "COMPILER=mb-gcc" "ARCHIVER=mb-ar" "COMPILER_FLAGS=-mlittle-endian -mno-xl-soft-mul -mxl-barrel-
to do?
Hi. I'm trying to import vhdl source code into Verdi. The source code included user-defined-library file like this library ieee, ZOTLIB ; use ieee.numeric_bit.all ; use ZOTLIB.COMPONENT ; ... The error messsage is like this Can not find library. How can I import library?
Hi all, So I want to import the delay paths generated from Primetime to Tetramax. So I am using these commands: source pt2tmax.tcl write_delay_paths -clock clk -slack 10 -max_paths 1 -delay_type max But when I am entering this particular command the file that is generated just contains the version no.! Any suggestions as to why
hello sir i am doing my project on embedded pic controller 16f877a and i have got the meter for reading the solar panel data such as volts ,amps, freq etc .and this data is taken from MODSCAN software ,but i want to use or import the data from MODSCAN to MATLAB please do tell me the procedure to import the data and display in matlab.
import .igs file for HFSSI need help to import a .igs file for HFSS. When I go in modeler import, call the .igs file it aparace with the dimensions, but put in the properties where it says: position, XSIZE, Ysize and Zsize not appear. Appears: command - import; coordinate system - Global; source file - the (...)
Information in this page suggests that a function declaration is optional... . The link doesn't talk about packages at all, just functions in general. I see that it doesn't fail a parsing check... Did you also try to import the function in your design? I presu
Proteus is the best simulator tool for PIC(Also other) microcontroller simulations. You have to import the code in .hex format Regards udhay
Hi I want to use open source Hardware BeagleBoard. the schematic was drawn with Cadence Orcad, I want to import it in Altium but it doesn't work. the error is Design file "E:\...Beagle.DSN' not recognized. " the link of the open source schematic is there:
Does anyone use design spark version 5? I'm trying to import components using model source . Earlier versions had the model source link in the bottom left hand corner of the screen , that's noe gone. So I onen up modelsource in anover widow select what I want save it and down load the zip flle to my c drive. the online (...)
Guys, I got this error on Altium, "can not compare a source document against its owner project" When I tried to import my schematic into PCB file, Any ideas on how to fix it ? Thanks
hi friends. I wrote a 3D FDTD matlab code in cartesian coordinates with first order Mur ABC. but I don't konw why my Fields become very big (in order of 1e20!!!). can anyone find it's reason and find my error? I don't konw how import a current source to bottom surface of my antenna. my antenna is dielectric with high negative permitivity such
Why not create a new project using the wizard, selecting the proper microcontroller and then allow it to generate the proper startup.s code? Once the base project is generated, you can simply copy/import your source code files to the project, make any necessary code changes for the port and recompile for the new microcontroller. BigDog
hi I'm biginner in FEKO and I want to import a pattern in it first I have saved may pattern in .dat format then in I assign it to a point source in FEKO but after a run there was a message saying that there is an error in field strength reading!!! I made the .dat file in the following format: [theta ,phi , ampE(theta) , ampE(phi) , phaseE(theta
Hi. Does someone knows how to import a .dsp file from hfss (SAR distibution) in order to incorporate it in the heat equation as a heat source in COMSOL? Or to manipulate that SAR information in MATLAB? Thanks!
Hai , I have been trying to import data from excel files into SPICE, but could not do so. The data is for a single variable in the circuit. I have tried this with PSPICE and ltSPICE. Please can you tell me if there is such an option in the above SPICE's or any SPICE at all? Thank you, Sahasra.
Bitmap Font Drawer is a free open-source tool for creating monochrome bitmap fonts for LCD/LED or impact printers. Features: * import fonts installed on your operating system (GNU/Linux or MS Windows or another system); * Export to "C" and "ASM"-likes file; * Export bitmap data in 4 - 64 bit data lengh and differe