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Hi, I simulated a UWB vivaldi antenna in HFSS. I would export S11 as .csv file from HFSS and import it in matlab. The purpose is to find out impulse response h(t) of UWB antenna. After importing .csv file of s11 from HFSS, what I need to perform to get impulse response h(t) of that antenna? Thanks
There's nothing wrong with the filter. But you see that the second filter still passes part of the unwanted signals. Furthermore, you need to wait at least the threefold time for complete settling of the output signal. Finally there's a relation between the length of the impulse response (Fs*filter order) and the minimal achievable bandwidth.
Hi all, I am trying to implement STTC-OFDM (2Tx-1Rx) over frequency selective channels(2-taps or 3-taps and so on). I need a modification on my code over single tap quasistatic flat fading environment. My question is how can I use the channel impulse response for multiple tap channels on the maximum likelihood decoder to calculate branc metrics.
Hi, I have some channel measurement data obtained in the frequency domain using vector network analyzer (S21) and I need to obtain the time domain impulse response. The simplest thing that I tried is to take IFFT from my data (X). If someone can share with me some helpful templete of octave or matlab code in this regard. Thanks in advance.
1)How to generate h(128 by 1 matrix),channel impulse response for a rayleigh fading channel(speed-120km/hr)..relative delays,avg power..max doppler shift 150 HZ,carrier freq-1 GHZ 2)How to approximate channel impulse response(h(t)) using linear prediction model: h(t)=n+yt,where n and y are zero-order and first orde
How to approximate channel impulse response(h(t)) using linear prediction model: h(t)=n+yt,where n and y are zero-order and first order parameters of the model..?matlab program?
hi dears, i need to obtain the TOA from a channel impulse response estimation for uwb channels with matlab. Can I have some help? Thanks
hello all , I need to implement CIC decimator, here is the matlab code using fvtool r=64; m=1; n=3; iwl=16; owl=12; IFL = 0; % Input fraction length CIC = mfilt.cicdecim(r,m,n); CIC.InputFracLength = IFL; f_in =5120; h=fvtool(CIC,'FS',f_in); I checked the impulse response using the fvtool and it gives me a complete (...)
hello all , I have a problem when designing CIC filter on matlab here is the code : r=64; m=1; n=3; IFL = 0; % Input fraction length CIC = mfilt.cicdecim(r,m,n); CIC.InputFracLength = IFL; I use fvtool to check the impusle response and I got figure 1 attached , 9330093299 I also use
hello All , I am trying to prove the matlab code via veriloga opamp model with ideal switches and capacitors on cadence, to prove the STF, NTF, OSR according to Schreier ,I need to do an impulse response check on my ADC, this simply means removing the Quantizer from the loop and with a veriloga model I can generate a sequence of (...)
I am currently designing a Manchester matched filter design in matlab. My task requires me to create and plot the impulse response h(t) of the optimum receiver filter matched to detect symbol '1'. I have created a matched filter by using the following code: h=fliplr(p); where p is my manchester signal code for a symbol '1'. (...)
z=tf('z',1); m=32; Hz=(1/m^2)((1-z^-m)/(1-z^-1))^2; Hz_imp=impulse(Hz); freqz(Hz_imp)
Guys, I have created a filter from FDAtool and want to test it on Simulink but I didn't see any response on the Scope I used discrete impulse as input What can I do to see the output ? Thanks I get this warning : Warning: The model 'FIRFilterTest' does not have continuous states, hence using the solver 'VariableStepDiscrete' instead
Hi, I'm trying to implement the overlap save method in matlab in order to clear up noise from a wav file. The function accepts the following fields: x = long sequence to be filtered (from wav file) h = impulse response of filter (loaded from a different file) N = Block length used in the algorithm ( i.e. size of the FFT and IFFT to be (...)
hello my friends. I need matlab code for a mimo(alamouti methode) channel with ISI. I have in these channel for finding ke out put stream , we should use "conv(h,s) " or "fft=> s*.h " instead of production of stream and impulse response of channel but when I use them , my BER/SNR graph is constant!! can any one help me?? (...)
When you supply the scalar sampling frequency fs as an input argument to freqz, the frequency ranges from 0 to fs/2 Hz. - This is from matlab help on freqz function. Taking fs you may estimate 700 hz to 1600 hz by yourself. Also you may make a FFT of filter impulse response (this will be your spectrum) and do with it what you wish and (...)
I need the matlab code for a 3-tapped raised cosine function with impulse response f=.I really need it,plz help me.tnx
Read here for examples using fir1 to design a filter. Window-based finite impulse response filter design - matlab If you are supposed to plot vs. theta, then you are supposed to look at the phase response. I'd start with freqz to see both the mag and phase response of your filter
Hello For binary memoryless channels like BSC (binary symmetric channel) and BEC (binary erasure channel) one knows the Channel Transition matrix . how can one use this transition matrix to compute the impulse response of the channel.
I have a formula about covariance matrix of channel like: Ch = diag{ E E .... E[abs(h(Δ)? } Δ in here mean number of channel impulse response, And I want ask to all of you about change this formula into matlab ,can anybody explain this, coz Iam very confuse about the sign E in my formula, Thanks a lot:) pleas