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Hi Everyone I am imran Khan, trying to learn CAPL programming. I have basic knowledge on CAN, CAPL but I never got any chance in my company to write CAPL script for any test scenario. Could anyone of you please make me understand it. i.e Please create some test scenario and write CAPL script for it. It will really be very helpful for m
Please let me know that about 220V to 12V buck converter IC. It is available on market or its equivalent. Hi imran, is it 220V DC to 12VDC converter IC you are looking for ... it is quite big difference between input and output. you need to used switch mode regulators because Linear regulators could not able to
Hi imran, Are you looking something similar
Hi imran, i hope the code is working now. Remaining wait function: Now i am wondering why you want a delay by interrupt. I see three main benifits with delay by timer interrupt: 1) there is a lot of processing power free during this delay time. You can use it in main loop. But the timed job (here PORTD update) should be done within ISR. 2) you c
there is no delay between on and off put a delay simply there and than see result. There is no off code
Hello Everyone can anyone have imran & co's Contact No. Please tell Me My ID Is
Dear imran Your question is not clear. 1) If you mean that the 8 bit parallel data is converted in two 4-bit parallel data (as required LCD in 4 bit mode) then you can bitwise AND the 8 bit byte data with 0x0F to get low nibble (data & 0x0F) and shift right 4 times to get high nibble (data>>4). 2) if you mean 4 bit equivalent data
Hi all, I need help in design of cubic Dielectric Resonator Antenna (DRA). I found that the new Antenna Magus has cubic DRA included in its database. Is anyone using Antenna Magus and can export two models for me? Regards, imran
Toshiba 50JH9UE Projection I need Toshiba 50JH9UE Projection tv service manual ,Set in st-bye mode,Tested all power supply volts looks good Now i need this manual. Thanks in advance. imran Khan
Hi im new to neural networks and was going through RBF networks. I came across the concept of influence field want to know what parameter will control the influence field. looking forward for replies. thanks and regards, imran
imran you are a Genius! have you got your hands on the N85 OLED ?
Hi guys, I'm looking for a sample veriloga code to model a fully differential opamp. I need it for the RSD stage of pipeline ADC simulation. Thanks, imran.
Hi, i am imran and working on designing a broadband antenna in MF band (300 to 3000KHz), pls if anyone is having any reference material related to the topic do provide me or guide me as soon as possible. a 30metre length of wire suspended from a tree is an excellent broadband antenna over that freq range. ok ask
Hi all, I need to plot E-plane and H-plane radiation patterns of an antenna in CST MWS v2006B. I'm new in this area. Could you please help me, how can I do this? Cheers, imran
Here the files are attached about the CDMA2000, it is the partial work of my thesis you may got the introduction of the CDMA Muhammad imran Tariq MSc Telecommunication Engineer
I did my Master's Telecommunication Thesis in Security and Attacks in GSM. if any body want to get it then he/she request me. i will send him through email. some related files are attached with Muhammad imran Tariq Telcommunication Engineer
Hi every budy, Can any budy know or give me the VHDL code for printer side functionality. I am trying tough to implement the same specially sequencing the status signals. please help. tnx imran
Hi all, does anybody know CS generation initialization for MPC860 gpcm module. regards imran
HI All, I am carriying design with microcontroller MC9S12DP256. There are some issues with CLOCK and Power section. Can anybody post the reference design for this Microcontroller. I am using Crystal oscillator, whethere to connect XTAL to GND or left unconnected in this case. Thanks, imran.