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Hello, I want to use the SCA103T from Murata for an inclination application. What I need is an inclinometer with a precision of +/-0.03 on C. In the datasheet, on figure 4 and 6 there's a good average of the -3sigma and +3sigma. I am wondering if by taking a lot of samples for a measure and averaging them, I could be sure to be close
Hello! i'll go immediatly on my problem....i've an arm that can rotate around a fixed point, my object is to calculate the distance from the front of the arm to the ground, the first thing that came in my mind is to put on it an inclinometer to calculate the angle and so the distance using trigonemtry function on my microcontroller, but since my
Just as an example, something like this would work great as a demo. It's got Analog-digital converter, LCD display, etc. About US$99. If you just do an internet search for "development boards" you'll find lots of options like this. Also, FPGA and microprocessor mfrs websites have lots of boards. All you(or someone you contract) would have to d
Hey all, it's been a while since I've dealt with much DSP, so I'm a little unsure of how best to deal with a problem I've been experiencing in my system. I'm trying to make a 3-axis stabilised platform, using stepper motors to drive it, an inclinometer for the x and y axes, and a compass for the z-axis. Firstly, due to the stepper motors ther
anyone can answer this please ? Based on that comment, please clarify which meaning of "level" you are using? 1) Level as in measuring the amount of liquid in a container; or 2) Level as in an inclinometer or mason's level. John
HI, i want measure the angle using the inclinometer , please give an idea abut how to up and run
Hi. I need to build a precision inclinometer to mount on a truck to check if it is within certain inclinations values when it is parked. I was thinking on using a 3 axis digital accelerometer as MMA8451q using low-noise with oversample mode and a digital low pass filter. The accel is 14 bits precision. I need a 0.1 degree precision from -45 to +45
I am using a Memsic MXD2020EL (100 Hz) accelerometer and a PIC12F683 at 4 MHz to develop an inclinometer for pallet forks on the front of a tractor. The MXD2020EL outputs a PWM signal whose duty cycle varies with tilt relative to Earth. One can input the PWM signal directly ("digital" input) or use an integrator/low-pass filter to convert the d
We are a company specialized in advanced equipment and instrument supplies and services, sensor, gyro products, logging equipment to name just a few. As to the oilfield applications, we have the MWD inclinometer series for your reference as follows: 1 SWD inclinometer 2 High temperature & high pressure multi-shot inclinometer 3 (...)
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I have some experience with high-altitude ballons. I think, extracting energy from the payload oscillation is a dead end. At altitude, there will not enough oscillation. Simply, there is not enough atmosphere to blow the payload back and forth. There might be some inclinometer data that says otherwise.
To measure/control tilt you need an inclinometer rather than a gyro which is used to measure/control heading .. Here is an example of using ADXL202 accelerometer as tilt sensor: Using a gyroscope by itself seems reasonable, but the gyro develops a slow creeping tilt error that continues to increa