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hi i want to improve the bandwidth and also the return loss i have made a second iteration of koch curves n as well as seirpinski carpet. then merged together. my ground plane is half. n the periphery of the design is subtracted out from the ground. please help me out to increase the bandwith , that is to cover the gsm and uwb band. and als
hi, i have done wideband 15dB coupler upto 6GHz. the isolation S(1,4) is increasing curve from -37.83dB (@700MHz) to -20.5dB (@ 6GHz), the coupler was designed for 700-6000 MHz bandwidth. The other parameters return loss -24dB Min, insertion loss-0.6dB Max, coupling -15dB, flatness (? 0.8dB) of the coupler are ok. (...)
1. what is IP3 goal you wish? 2. from your current IP3 figures I guess your LNA gain is not quite flat. I suggest you could add R-C feedback betwen base and collector instead of at emitter 3. for IP3 performance, you could try increasing LNA supply voltage (or voltage Vce) and push bias current to limit