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Hello guys, I am new in HFSS right now. I designed standard primary/secondary spiral coil design for mutual inductance measurements using Lumped ports... I successfully able to find L, M, K etc. values..... BUT now my requirement is to get primary and secondary current plot over frequency range.... I do not know how (...)
Hi everyone. I intend to design a solenoid having the following specs : winding length(l) = 300 mm, number of turns(N) = 30 area of cross section (A) = 30*60 mm^2 core material (ferrite) relative permeability = 1000 inductance calculated by the formula L = u*N^2*A/l is giving the value of around .007 H, but the simulated and post processe
Hello, I m looking for a 2D software or calculator to determine the inductance of a printed 2 layers inductor Usually, I work with ADS but I need another software to compare results I tried SOnnet but the evaluation version it s limited to 30 M which is not enough in my case If you know other softwares, would you please share theme wit
There's no thing like an "allowed percentage". But a large air gap will involve increased leakage inductance and possibly additional eddy current losses in the winding. In some designs, the coil former zone around the air gap is kept free of windings to reduce this effects. Beyond "allowance", when I see a core design (...)
I think what you are after is a "grid dip oscillator". This was a hand held variable oscillator, whose oscillations "dipped" when it was near a circuit which was tuned to its frequency and hence absorbed energy. So you have to sweep your generator frequency and look for RF being absorbed from it. I would make the inductance of the L as high as
hi, I have designed a single turn coil radius=10cm and thickness 5mm, I need to find the resonance frequency of the coil using hfss the theoretical calculated inductance is .464 uH and for the coil to resonate at 13.56 MHz approximately i need to add a lumped capacitance of value 330pF. I tried to (...)
How can I design high q spiral planar inductors? i know for helical inductors there is a parameter like length to diameter which should be almost equal to 1 for best quality factor but what about planar inductor? I know more turns means higher inductance and then high Q but are there are no definite formulas based on the geometry of the coil??
The traditional way of getting a current limiting transformer is to include an air gap, to get a high leakage inductance. I wonder if you get a load of ballasts for florescent lights (loads to match the power). Frank
Without details like the core type, material, AL, etc. the only thing you can do is to use thick wire that can handle 12A or use multiple thin wires which can handle 12A total and wind on the coil and every few turns, take a reading with an LCR or inductance meter. Keep on doing this until you have 150uH. If you know the AL value of the core, you
I am from a Printed Circuit Board shop, recently, we have a lot of order with integrated inductance design on board. The coil trace is etched on both outer layer and inner layer. I am looking for a effective tester to perform online inductance test. Can anyone introduce: - The manufacturer of PCB (...)
i am having a prob in designing a induction heating coil.. if resonance frequency is 30 khz n igbt switching is 1.5Mhz... how to design a gata driver circuit comparing output resonance current with input current if its having both inductance and capacitance load.... plz reply..
Hello, I am looking for a simple software to calculate simple coils. Lets say I have a bobbin with a given diameter and I want to wind a fixed amount of windings, what will be the inductance and total wire length and so on. May be a transformer design software can do this? What is available? Who makes such a software? Thanks Tronoty
I finally read a good explanation of the helical (cone shaped) inductor, and why it is broadband. In a normal cylindrical coil, you have many turns of the same size. Each turn has an inductance and a wire-to-wire capacitance. All of those L-Cs resonate at the exact same frequency, and cause a problem. In a conical shaped inductor, each turn is
1/2Pisqrt(LC) =f. try to take capacitance value unknown and take known inductance.u can have a RLC tuned circuit. R=2Pisqrt(L/C). which tool u r using.
RE: Possible bug in Microchip AN710 ?Antenna design for RFID Applications? (?) Collegues, please take a look: ?inductance of various antenna coils? chapter (page 9). Eq. 26 gives the inductance of a square coil. Eq. 27 gives the inductance of a rectangular coil.
In the simplest case you can design an air coil inductor ( formulas can be found here: ) or if you prefer smaller size you can use a ferrite core with known AL: The relationship between the inductance with a given core and the number of turns on it is called its AL value. The
Hello everybody I'm trying to design a Handheld RFID reader on the 125KHz using the U2270B from Atmel. I looked through the schematics provided by Atmel and they recommend an antenna coil with and inductance of 1.35-1.5mH, which seems a bit large for me. I did a search in this website and the topic had came up in the past, but I can't (...)
100 uF? That is a measure of capacitance, not inductance.
I have designed a birdcage coil in HFSS and trying to simulate it.However i can never see expected result.I cannot be sure about the connections and boundary canditions.I have some questions. 1_) Can i assign capacitance or inductance to 2D geometry. 2_)Some of my parts are detached, how can i be sure of their the material that th
I use now PCAIRL program to design coils for RF filters, I search for software for design of toroids with ferite core, something like Toroidpro??