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Your calculation (for steady state conditions) seems to be ok. However, you haven't specified the load to be switched. Is it pure resistive? In case of a load with significant inductive component you have to use some transient suppressor (diode, transil, etc., across the load) to remove the voltage spike (its peak voltage can be several times highe
On the datasheet of the N channel mosfet Buz11, on page 6, figure 5, I do not see what diode is under test, the freewheel diode(single diode and the MOS diode?), or the one of the Buz11 written on the right side D.U.T ?
I am facing this problem, which is causing the two push-pull MOSFET to extreme stresses. I am using this to power TAS5630 amp. the boost converter is converting the 12V DC voltage to 36V DC (unregulated). As this is a car amplifier so the battery voltage can be 10V to 14.5V. Everything is ok upto 13.5V DC input. But when the input voltage is
The picture you gave is surely a merit figure for some circuit topologies based on switching inductive elements. I could not find above any mention about if you took some action for dump the spike, such as employing a snubber net on MOSFET, did you that ? +++
Well then, I guess he's just not worried about the inductive spike. Or he made a mistake.
Everything is pointing to an inductive spike causing your problem. Have you looked at your processor inputs with a scope?
You need those pullup resistors. That COM pin is simply for clamping the inductive voltage spike that occurs when driving inductive loads (relays, etc). For your application you don't need to connect anything to it. But you DEFINITELY need the pullup resistors. The outputs of the ULN2823 are open-collector: they pull the output to ground (...)
actually when we turn off the power across a inductor a voltage spike results due to the di/dt factor and is called inductive kickback.... the free wheel diode is connected across the inductor such that it is reverse biased during normal operation... when supply is turned off the voltage spikes up in the opposite direction due to the (...)
Hi, all When the last stage or the last but one stage pulse especially in PWM drives capacitive or inductive load, there happens to be some unwanted spikes which are pretty large , will affect the power supply ,so that many cells in the circuits latch up or can't work. Could any one tell me how to reduce or eliminate the spike signals? (...)