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Hi there, in my circuit I'm using inductors of ibm-130nm (cmos8rf) with M1 ground-plane. When instantiating inductors we can select internal connection o external connection. For what I understand, internal connection should be used when one of the terminals is connected to an AC ground potential, which is my case. I supposed that the layout (...)
Hi, I am using ibm 7RF pdk for my project. For the inductor I am getting this error that the ground needs to be connected to the bulk. But in the layout, there is no bulk to connect to the ground. The screenshots are attached. Can anyone please help? Thanks, Alarka. 9651896519
Hello, Just as the photo shown, I was design a LC-VCO at millimeter frequency, and I must get the accurate S_parameters or Q-factor of the ibm symmetric inductor, but it's difficult for me to model the inductor in HFSS, for different parameters of the inductor, the different moder of ind I have to create. Could anyone (...)
When I ran LVS, the schematic and the layout were matched. However, when I ran XRC, they were unmatched. There are some property errors as follows. PROPERTY ERRORS DISC# LAYOUT _______________________________SOURCE_____________ERROR ************************************************************************************************************
... how the center taps of the inductors of ibm 90nm technology can be eliminated, specially from the schematics ? You can't remove it - they probably use the same symbol for both. If you don't use the center tap, just put the noConn symbol from the basic lib on it - like on any other unused pin.
Hi i am designing an LNA on ibm 130nm and cannot decide which capacitor,inductor or resistor to take for my LNA .I have to work for 2.4 GHz.Ifsomebody knows it.Please help me for it. Also tell me what is meant if its written that this capacitor is availble withBEOL metallizatin only. Thnax
add an instance of subc and connect the bulk terminal to the bottom terminal of subc, and connect the top terminal of subc to a ground pin. then in the layout, draw a guard ring around the inductor, add a ground pin on M1 of guard ring with same label as you had in schematic. i think that should work.
Hello, I am in confusion about the symmetric inductor of ibm cms9flp. When I use it in my layout created by pcell, then a square sized box appears only with a blinking message -"unsupported stack", until the 'default' key is clicked in the 'create instance' box. When the 'default' is clicked, then the 'spiral metalization' field of t
When I place the layout of inductor(simindp) from IMB 9rf process in Virtuoso, it always gave me some error like the following: *error* eval: undefined function - AMSRound *Warning* Unable to determin library property "metals" Then no other component can be placed. What causes this problem? Thank you.
Hi guys, I'm new to the spiral inductor design. I will work on spiral inductor modelling in ibm 0.18um process. Please suggest me any papers or reference that i can refer to before the design in ibm model. Thanks, suria
Hello More info need (1) Current = ? (2) Vdd = ? (3) matching inductor external or on-chip?