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Dear all. Recently I have started designing a radio frequency amplifier based on dual-gate MOSFET BF998. I have simulated it in Hspice simulation software, designed input and output matching networks. Unfortunately, This is a four-parameter problem which is suitable to be solved by optimization technique. I need to optimize three inductors and one
Hello everyone. I have a question. I have a 0.18um CMOS model file compatible with LTspice, Cadence etc. Its extension is .l and contains models for all corners of the process. Thing is i want to build a VCO and i have electromagnetically simulated and extracted the inductor models in Momentum, so i would like to design and simulate the whole thi
I want to model the inductor saturation in LT spice, however, I do not know how to play the arbitrary inductor definition flux in my model. I have upload my model files, I hope anyone who know this can tell me how to model it. The saturation inductor in my model is L5, I used a current control voltage source to get the (...)
Is there anyone which vendor selling off chip inductor and provide spice model for simulation.
Does Proteus support spice coupled inductor syntax? They have their private "Mutual" syntax instead, review the manual and respective examples.
Check some of your component values to make sure that you are indeed using the correct values. For example, you have C3=0.01F, most spice simulators will interpret this is 0.01 femto, where fempo is 10^{-15}, so in your case you might have a capacitor that is 10^{-17} Farads. Also your inductor value for L7=1pH, this is
Not sure what is meant by centre tap inductor, anyway you can simulate that connecting two inductors in series. ... and including some mutual coupling between them. Keith.
Hi I'm working with H.spice in 0.18um tech. now I need mutal and spiral inductor model, How can I get these? Thanks.
If you know syntax of netlist of ADS, Hspice and Spectre, you can easily convert inductor model file of ADS syntax or Specte Syntax to Hspice syntax manually.
This is a very simple chip. I don't know what you are after to simulate, just the pwm generation stage, the full control loop. What I should do is simulating the power stage with some constant duty cysles, to see the ripple in the output, the inductor currents, ... If this simulation works like expected, build it with the real components, an
dear all, Could you please tell me where I can find 2-pi model circuit for onchip transformer, inductor and capacitor? or tell me the ebook too? Thanks so much
Hello, You can generate a PI Model/equivalent circuit using Sonnet em Broadband spice extract from S parameters or EM structure... Description: In general, the model contains an inductor (in series with a resistor if using loss), a capacitor and a resistor (when using loss) connected in parallel from each port to ground. A similar parallel
A 3GHz VCO was designed with on-chip inductor model. Two kinds of models were used, s-parameter model and spice-model that was extracted from the s-paramtere model. When I simulate the VCO phase noise with the two kinds of models there is much differenct. The phase nosie is better if I use the spice inductor model. The phase (...)
These are used at a low enough frequency that any spice type simulator can be used. If you want to be more accurate you can put a small inductor in series with the capacitor (in the simulation) to take care of SRF.
How to calculate L-value and Q-factor of a planar inductor from its given S-parameters ? in the freqency range of 20 Mhz-10 GHz.
the analogLib has the ideal inductor model .
u can apply the control voltage by using RF chock so this inductor will be very high impedance at RF khouly
this is a huge area of research... which often leads to a phd work so you would not find any easy to use software. you may like to search inductor modelling on IEEE
you can refer to the spectre or spice model about the Q value of inductor or capacitor provided by Jazz. you can transfer the spectre model to ADS model using the tools of ADS.
Does anybody know, how one can set the initial value for B (zero current) in non-linear inductor in spice? Thank in advance.