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Dear sirs, I have a NOKIA 6101 cell phone and would like to connect it to my PC using infra red interfce. Is it possible to build an IR interface uing low count parts? How do I install this inerface in the PC board? Regards, Fernando
IR Remote Control Theory The cheapest way to remotely control a device within a visible range is via infra-red light. Almost all audio and video equipment can be controlled this way nowadays. Due to this wide spread use the required components are quite cheap, thus making it ideal for us hobbyists to use IR control for (...)
The Sony protocol solution is to make a 0 bit a "space" that is .8 milliseconds long, a 1 bit is a "space" that is 1.2 ms long, and a start bit is a "space" that is 2.4 ms long. There is a pause of 0.68 ms between bits. So when the infrared pulses are being received, a 2.4 ms space pulse is recognized as a start pulse, a 1.2 ms space pulse i
Just to mention, PIR stands for "Passive infra-red", since no one mentioned it here. :D
we are manufacturer and exports for following products, required worldwide distributors / reps . ( ) Excelent scope of work. our product range is hand held search lights , metal detector, dragon light, walk through metal detector, WMD, multizone walk through metal detector, I.R. Glass, infra red glass, (...)
How do you find the resistance of the infrared detector when it is fully illuminated and when it is in complete darkness, other than taking an ohmmeter to it? Is there a way to calculate it?
Hi all, I have a infra red detector. the kind you can buy in radio shack. i don't know it's part code so i can't check it's data sheet. i was wondering how to calculate it's maximum and minimum resistance. all it says on the package is Vceo collector to emitter: 70V Veco Emitter to collector 5V Ic Collector current: 50 mA Total power (...)
infrared has the same properties as light: if you can see through this "thin" plate it will pass; if you can't it will NOT .. Regards, IanP
You want it infra red based or using RF transmitter & receiver?
Try the infra-red Data Association (IrDA) web site and also look for app notes at the Hewlet-Packerd web site.
If it is a planar antenna, just run it at high power for a while, then turn off othe power (so you don't cook yourself) and take an infra-red picture of the antenna. Hot areas have high current, etc. For HF, just hook up a small inductor, detector, and meter and walk around the antenna. Keep the power (...)
Has it not got infra red or Bluetooth port? Most have one or the other, then you dont need a cable!
i did that infra red circuit that allows to remote control your pc , it worked nice for a while then it stopped working !! i tried to use the circuit on serial com2 and it worked again , so its a problem in com1 , what happened the the com port , how can it be damaged and if so is there any possibility to fix that problem (...)
Hi, does anyone has the schematic of a infra red remote control car that has a receiver and a transmittor to transmit the movement of front, back, left and right. please help as i seriously need help on it.
Hi i need help to build a infra red controller with a transmittor and a receiver where by the transmittor will transmit commands forward, backward, left and right to the receiver. and the receiver upon receiving the command will activate the motors that are connected to (...)
i wanna build an infra red toggle switch to use it with my bedroom lights (220 v) , is that possible ? , if so will i have to build the remote control myself or just use a commercial one , in that case how can i configure the circuit to suit that remote ? let me know if someone have an idea or some links , thanks .
Hi I need to design a shift oscillator for a communication transceiver to transmit and recieve binary signals over an infra-red channel and i dont know which type of oscillator is best suited. The frequency is fixed so don't need a VCO. Also it must be built using mosfets. Any Help would be apprecited Thanks
I would recommend you to use a standard infra red reflection sensor instead such as the one on the attached image. An interesting alternative would be a linear ccd-sensor + a miniature ccd-tv-lens. I have tried this and it works very well. /Johan
Can any one provide me a link or doanloads about infra red Communications. I need some theoritical background and also some example circuits. Thanks for the help
I have experience and can provide deisgn services in the following areas. Email me at LCD Control Inter-connect: USB salve and host, Serial Interface, UART, RS232, RS422, RS485, LVDS etc Mass Storage Control: ATA/ATAPI Motor Control infra-red Devices Neural Network
Why do u use infrared?? You can make with bright leds. All u have to do is replacing a lens infront of the led.. Receiver circuit is so simple...You can make it with 741 opamp IC and LDR...
Hello, i a m new here and sorry for my bad english. i am in this web because i am trying to do a heartbeat monito but instead of sensing human heartbeats i am trying to sense chick´s beats inside an egg. I am trying to do it with photdiode and infrared(i am using a convencional emitter and a BPW41n).The (...)
hi all ; i have got a strange problem on infra-red remote control , my problem is short range af transmitter , i have desigend a receiver and transmitter ( infra-red ) , using 2 89c2051 , one as sender and one as receiver . i connected a LED to the output of (...)
I need to design a wireless link for transmit audio (mono) over 2MHz carrier to a small distance (10 m). I was thinking to use infra red to do this, using FM modulation. Thoes anyone has a project like this ( Tx and Rx) , ou can anyone sugest a ic for this? I don't have any experience with pll design. Any help is welcome. Thanks.
You just need something like a IS1U60 or similar, from RS, Farnell or Maplin, which is an infra red receiver with filter, limiter, BPF, Demodulator, Integrator and comparator all built in, and hook up the output to your pic. Preferably on RB0 so u can use interrupts.
I have two TV remote control systems: RC113 and 807156. Which code do these infra-red remote controls systems send? I know there are several popular systems such as NEC, RC5, RC6 and RECS80. But which systems does Blaupunkt use? Thanks. Wim
infrared does't appear to be a good approach 100 people shooting to some direction . is not an elegant approach Wireless is much better .. and in 2.4 giga herz is easy to implement 100 channels ..
I think the SUN Lamp is infra red, not UV. UV light is distictively bluish purpulish in color and is very very dangerous to eyes. For erasing you need a commercially avaialble cheap eraser that uses high intensity UV light. It can erase a 27c64 in 5 to 10 minutes.