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hi actually i am doing a project in which when an obstacle comes in between infra red rays it should activate a micro controller. the micro controller in turn activates a video camera and a gsm module. the camera takes a video for 10 seconds and the gsm module needs to send this 10 sec video clip to 3 mobile numbers. this is (...)
can I use a 940nm infrared led detector with the 850nm and 880nm emitter infrared led ?
This all sounds very answer to your questions is
Do you mean the peak power of the infra red? Measure the power going into the diode, look up the manufacturers spec. Compensate for any focussing optics and you have your answer. Frank
I see a Wireless Tachometer. Also an infra-red Tachometer. Both on Ebay. What 'pickup' do they have? I thought I'd make one, if it's not too complex. Thanks for any advice (other than buying one) that I may use.
i want to make wireless IR sensor using 8051 and zigbee can any one help me in circuit and coding ,, i am going to develop an parking slot detector using IR sensors for this project i decide to use 8051 ,zigbee , . there is an zigbee connected with computer which is used to get status of other sensors and than computer will updat
usually ultrasonic sensors are used for this purpose , but i guess infra red can be used too . check this sample code an di helps it would help
They look very much like the infra red photo diode you see in some mice, except they have a clear case and the infra red ones are black. I think that they are definitely photo diodes though.
I think you will use the 555 as Pulse Width Modulator and put modulation into pin 5 of the 555, and yes you could do it with small fm tx/rx or maybe infra red or any analog transmitter from any audio source..just have to couple pin 5 and some level adjustment
Hello sir i want to know about the effect of infra red rays over house flies mosquito etc etc Are they come close to that or try to leave the area of effect ?
Eight channels you could try Googling TV remote control or Radio Control models circuits (and drive an infra red LED rather then a transmitter). Frank
Hello, my project is to communicate with microcontroller by uart protocol through ir.I succeed in it quite nicely.But the distance is very small,like 6 inches. So how can I increase the distance.I am using 16f73 for remot (tx) & 16f877a for Rx.I am also confused about selecting perfect boud rate,currently using 9600.I am sending characters,i.e. '
Hi, How can I test an enfra red remote control receiver (3 pins: - + S)?
Hello, I wish to use this inductor on our PCB, but the pad is "underneeath" it, and we won't be able to hand solder the you think it will be ok if i extend the pads so that they appear outside of the inductor body so that i can hand solder them. We dont have infra-red soldering equipment here. (...)
I have this infrared Signal that is +280 dBm and I can receive it anywhere on Earth, anytime during the day, but you might have a hard time generating this level. It is called the Sun. So you must consider all sources of noise your signal level, bandwidth and received signal after inverse square loss (...)
My infra red sensor looks similar to this 76786 Okay. Got it. I should be using a breadboard..
My TV remote sends a 38KHz frequency IR radiation to the TSOP1738 receiver inside my TV. To jam that wave, I thought i will send infra red radiation from a LED continuously so that it may interrupt the signal that was sent by the tv remote. It didn't work, why?
Hi guys, I have a question regarding infra red. What is the distance of infra red transmission depend on? Because device like mobile phone's infra red is just a few cm of distance but the infra red for car locking system can be a few (...)
Hello friends , Can I sense fire using infra red receiver ? Is there any fire sensor with two Pin ?
I have Made light dimmer with 89C52 using RC5 infra red remote VOL+ and VOL- key. RC5 IR interrupt is External Int. 0 timer0 interrupt for RC5 command processing. Zero Crossing interrupt is External Int 1 Timer1 interrupt for trigger TRIAC I am firing TRIAC with PIN 2_7. My program works OK, till the timer1 (...)