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This all sounds very answer to your questions is
What is "any infra-red signal"? You forgot to mention it.
Eight channels you could try Googling TV remote control or Radio Control models circuits (and drive an infra red LED rather then a transmitter). Frank
Does every remote control of the TV is using infra-red? Only TV without or with lost remote control dont use IR, all others use. :smile:
Hi, How can I test an enfra red remote control receiver (3 pins: - + S)?
can find similar schematics on the web good luck hope these are what you are looking for ah you want IR activated relay switch as the title said or something else be clear plz
jam that wave, I thought i will send infra red radiation from a LED continuously so that it may interrupt the signal that was sent by the tv remote... To jam IR TV remote, you should generate 38KHz pulse and drive IR LEDs. Continuously powering IR LED wont jam the signal.
Learn from here
I have Made light dimmer with 89C52 using RC5 infra red remote VOL+ and VOL- key. RC5 IR interrupt is External Int. 0 timer0 interrupt for RC5 command processing. Zero Crossing interrupt is External Int 1 Timer1 interrupt for trigger TRIAC I am firing TRIAC with PIN 2_7. My program works OK, till the timer1 interrupt for (...)
Your choice of methods includes infra-red, ultrasound, radio frequency... Do you have a typical IR remote control as used with a tv/dvd/vcr/receiver, etc? Then a low-cost IR receiver module may be all you need to complete the project. Try a search at this board using 'remote switch' or 'remote (...)
Wireless control can be done cheaply by lightwave. Sending light pulses in rapid succession by infra-red or visible light. This is the principle of your tv (vcr, dvd) remote control. The signal can be similar to the signal you would ordinarily have sent through wires. A photodetector is used to receive the light beams. (...)
usually these two are famous protocols 1. RC5 2. SIRCS (Sony infra-red remote Control) check this DIY remote control based on PIC
there is an IC called HT 12A for encoding and HT 12D for decoding the infra red. search for the datasheet, you can get all the information related to the components u need.
i am using simple infrared transmitter and reciever leds..... i transmit a dc signal cia infrared trans. by biasing it at 5v (with a resistor to gnd)....and same way biasing the reciever but the reciever gives continously full voltage drop...i.e it is open circuited all the time I want it to become short circuitd normally (...)
hi i am doing my project and developing a remote control, i am using a infra red emiting diode to transmit and a 38kHz infrared receiver module with automatic gain control but the funcional range is about two feet can any one give me a pointer to what the problem might be.
Hello Friends, I have a circuit of a infra red Receiver controlling 1 relay at a time but i want a circuit that will control about 4 relays at a time which can be started/stopped with linked 4 buttons on a infra red remote. The Circuit and Software(HEX file in text format) for the PIC (...)
infra red. Normally called as IR remote Nandhu
Ok, the PT202C is a phototransistor, not a photoLED. At least on the datasheet that I looked at : This phototransistor is sensitive to visible and near IR light. The visible light you will have to filter out. But, first you must compare the wavelength sensitivity curve of the phototr
Can any one help me in making an infra red remote control project using At89s51 microcontroller and sony remot. Please give me the detail decoding of sony remot protocol. a example program written in Keil c51 will be highly appriciated. regards
I want to use infra red remote control to cotrol my room light. I am not expert in programming microcontroller. Can some one help me. Thanks
capture signal of infrared of NEC LCD Projector Do you mean the code inside infrared signal transmitted from NEC LCD Projector infrared remote control?
IR remote Control Theory The cheapest way to remotely control a device within a visible range is via infra-red light. Almost all audio and video equipment can be controlled this way nowadays. Due to this wide spread use the required components are quite cheap, thus making it ideal for us hobbyists to (...)
i did that infra red circuit that allows to remote control your pc , it worked nice for a while then it stopped working !! i tried to use the circuit on serial com2 and it worked again , so its a problem in com1 , what happened the the com port , how can it be damaged and if so is there any possibility to fix that problem ! regards .
Hi, does anyone has the schematic of a infra red remote control car that has a receiver and a transmittor to transmit the movement of front, back, left and right. please help as i seriously need help on it.
i wanna build an infra red toggle switch to use it with my bedroom lights (220 v) , is that possible ? , if so will i have to build the remote control myself or just use a commercial one , in that case how can i configure the circuit to suit that remote ? let me know if someone have an idea or some links , thanks .
Hello, I am intrested in building IR remote control. I want to control 4 relays using AT89Cx051 microcontroller. I want to use standard RC5 type remote. Can any one provide me circuit and code for the same or suggest me any URL for the same. Regards.
hi all ; i have got a strange problem on infra-red remote control , my problem is short range af transmitter , i have desigend a receiver and transmitter ( infra-red ) , using 2 89c2051 , one as sender and one as receiver . i connected a LED to the output of infre-red receiver ( (...)
HI all any one have Other any simlpe design using pic16f84 like this Thanks S 8O KRAT
I have two TV remote control systems: RC113 and 807156. Which code do these infra-red remote controls systems send? I know there are several popular systems such as NEC, RC5, RC6 and RECS80. But which systems does Blaupunkt use? Thanks. Wim
infrared does't appear to be a good approach 100 people shooting to some direction . is not an elegant approach Wireless is much better .. and in 2.4 giga herz is easy to implement 100 channels ..