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Hi guys, I'm Very new at Electronics and Electronics circuits. I'm trying to create a Matrix with high power infrared transmitter. I have two issues: 1) How to calculate the wave-length I need to my infrared transmitter While I know the this: "Each pulse is turned on and off at a frequency of 38kHz" 2) How to choose a high power InfraRe
I have in my home an air conditioner and his remote controller that control by IR communication so when I touch one command in the remote controller the led of the remote controller become to flick in one frequency for example 100 flickers per second and this say for example (...)
Light is made of photons. A photon signal is flashing a light on and off or modulating it. You can use an infrared beam like used in a remote control instead of visible light. I guess invisible ultra-violet is also made of photons but I have never "seen" an ultra-violet signalling system. An electrical signal is, um, electrical. It can be (...)
I assume that you are talking about a domestic infrared remote control? Your post is not clear. A logic analyser is the best tool to analyse bit patterns, preferably at the output of a 3-pin IR receiver module. A good oscilloscope connected to the transmitter LED would be the best tool to determine the carrier frequency. Once you (...)
Are those simple old Chinese remote control ICs still available? I haven't seen a radio controlled product use 27MHz for about 30 years and all the infrared toy helicopters use more than one IR LED so the beam can be wider and more powerful.
I know nothing of Arduino coding, but here is my best guess at what the program does: // Read Sony SIRC 12 infrared remote Protocol // Arduino code for 3 pin 40kHZ IR receiver chip // initialise void setup() { pinMode(15,INPUT); // set pin ?? as input Serial.begin(9600); // 9600 baud 8,n,1 } // keep looping to ge
Can I make a remote control producing infrared rays which it can change the mobile ringer from silence position to tune position or vice versa, and if it is possible I need drawing the electric circuit if you do not mind regards
I want to use TV remote control as mouse for PC. The output of TV remote is infrared signals. These signals are received by IR receiver (suppose TSOP1736), also, I want to know what is the output of this receiver and how to convert it into message which a PC can understand. I am using 8051 microcontroller (...)
i don't know if you could help me but here it goes. I am trying to get a linear actuator controlled by an infrared transmitter & receiver like shown in this clip: . The infrared transmitter will emit a modulated signal to the infrared transmitter which be connected to the linear actuator as well as a mi
Hi my friends, I need a 8 channel infrared remote control without microcontroller thanks. I searched but could not find it.:sad:
Try to purchase a philips tv remote from an electronic store for 50 rupees then order an ic from sunrom technologies which decodes the RC5 and gives serial output.
Can anyone point me to an example of transmiting a infrared (remote control) signal. I need the schematic and code. I am using a PIC18F4550 chip talking to my PC thru the USB port.
Hi at all! Best Wishes! I want use remote control of my economic small radiocontrolled helicopter. I want use this for control the velocity of a small motor through arduino. The remote control use infrared rays. I don't understand which 'law' used the (...)
have generated 38khz with a 555timer and connected infrared leds at its output pin, then fed it to an oscilloscope and found out that it is giving a frequency of 38khz.the problem is that the output of my receiver is always high,pliz help
actually i want to control a stepper motor with infrared remote. im using HT6221 Multi-Purpose Encoders IC... from this IC for each button press its transmitting 7 bit of binary values through infrared. my doubt is in receiver section that means in microcontroller where i have to connect the receiver IR and (...)
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have a look at infrared Design Center infrared Design Center however, I think that Microchip's IrDA stack software only works with PIC24, dsPIC or PIC32 microcontrollers [url=http:
whole system is controlled by AVR microprocessor ? Attiny2313. The system is powered directly from the power grid 230V, realized by the power supply without a transformer. TSOP1736 was used as infrared receiver from the remote control. Very simple user interface was imple
I'm electronic beginner. I got a mini computer speaker having DC 6v power input. The power transformer indicates that its input 100-240AC 50/60Hz and output is 6VDC and 1.5A. I want to make an infrared remote control switch to turn the speaker on and off. I've already successfully made a infrared (...)
The easiest way is to use a discarded TV receiver with a remote control. It can send >30 different commands, and its range is ~10 meters, infrared.

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