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Hi All, I am working on 14bit SAR ADC with a sampling frequency of 5KS/s. I am supposed to do dnl and inl analysis to get information about missing codes. what I know to do dnl and inl analysis is, apply a super slow ramp so that each code appears at least 10 times. Now my problem is, (...)
Hi, I have a couple of question about distortion and non-linearities in ADCs. I wonder except inl and dnl that cause distortion in ADCS, what can cause a bad THD. Assume someone wants to model the distortion in an ADC, say third order harmonic. I wonder if the extra term added to the pure signal (cos(ωt)) should (...)
Hello everyone, I am using CARRY4 primitive as delay line in my design and now I would like to characterize my design to evaluate the effect of temperature, jitter, etc. on the behavior of CARRY4 primitive and calculate and plot the dnl and inl curves. I do not know how to come (...)
Hi guys; I've recently simulated a SAR ADC in Cadence & now I want to measure the inl & dnl of the ADC. Each conversion takes 3us. I have designed this ADC for 5 bits & therefore we are going to have 32 states in the output. I've attached my 5 bit output to a 5 bit ideal DAC so that I can compare the analog input slow ramp to the digital codes wh
i have found the inl and dnl of flash ADC in cadence... how can i find the SNR?? ANY EQUATION or in tool cadence??
Assume the offset is linear/insignificant (with offset-cancellation), the linearity is limited by the matching of the DAC capacitors and the DAC type (binary-/themometer-code). Binary type has fewer switches but larger dnl; both types have the same inl. Hi Guys, Regarding a 10 bit sar adc, using binary capacitance for the D
ADS1174 having ?0,0045 LSB inl Nope. +/- 0.3 LSB, which is still excellent. An inl specification includes an upper limit for dnl, by the way. SAR and SD converters have both their specific pros and cons. Obviously SD-ADC have superseded other topologies in the low and medium speed range, (...)
Hi, dear professionals, I just started analog IC design. I use LTSPICE to design a flash ADC. At this stage, the dnl and inl need to be measured. Is there any method for LTSPICE? Thank you very much! Really appreciate your help!!!:-o:-o
See e.g. MAXIM's Application Notes 283 : inl/dnl Measurements for High-Speed Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) 2085: Histogram Testing Determines dnl and inl Errors or ATMEL's 110009
When I Rail to Rail OPAMP designed, I found that some opamp output range is really rail to rail. For example, BUF16820 & BUF16821 inl/dnl specification is like this. 108112 In BUF16820, when VDD power is 18V, inl measure voltage is 17V. So voltage difference of rail(VDD) and amp's output is 1V. Yes. B
sir i am doing 8 Bit folding 8 interpolating ADC in cadence. plz tell me how to calculate inl,dnl factor using calculator option of cadence tool. is there any other way to calculate inl,dnl factor. How to calculate noise margin and SFDR ?
The easiest way to calculate inl/dnl for adc is to used histogram method. Here You have everything:
hello, i was trying to find out inl and dnl for 8 bit pipelined adc by using "Maxim Integrated's" code given on their website. but facing some errors. i just want to cross check the format of file which is required by this code. if anybody has sample file format which will work as input file for that code, pls send me as I really need (...)
What is typical value of inl and dnl of ADC in LSB? Thanks.
I have designed a 10 bit pipelined ADc in cadence.From the wave forms I have obtained the. csv file which contains samples of the 10 digital bits and inputs. How can we link this to matlab so that these codes are read and hence the inl and dnl plots are obtained??
I have designed 6 bit ADC.can any one please tell me how to use .csv file in MATLAB for inl,dnl calculation. and How to get IDEAL values for error plot.
Hi..... I am new to cadence environment so please let me know How to calculate inl,dnl of Flash ADC using cadence spectra ? Should i use matlab or anything else..... Thanks
Many articles, which discuss the relationship between ADC linearity and dynamic specs, say ... inl is related to harmonics, while dnl is relevant to noise of ADC. Then I'd like to discuss this popular equation: inl=sum(dnl) Isn't "sum(dnl)" term in this equation related to noise, since (...)
Hi. I designed a cyclic ADC and at this time I want to calculate inl and dnl parameters with Hspice software so does anybody can help me? I download a file about this subject from this site but I can't understand that what should I do in Hspice software?( I talk about what should I do in Hspice software (...)
Hi, I have searched alot but I couldn't find inl and dnl measurement related to Sigma-Delta ADCs. In normal ADC u can plot the digital output vs the analog input and calcualte inl and dnl, but in Sigma Delta Converters, even for a static input the digital input is not (...)