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I have designed like this.. input side: 24v-4.7K-LED of PC817-Gnd output side: 5V-1K-Collector of PC817; Emitter of PC817 - Gnd output taken from collector.. I have tried with PC 817 Rank A and PC817 Rank D. Both are producing same output voltage and Same current. Then how does the Rank( (...)
input - 230Vac (15% tolerance), 50 Hz output- 24v, 0.5A Device used- NCP1014AP06 (in built MOSFET of 700V & controller 65 KHz freq.) want to know ceramic or film capacitor to be used for clamp & for snubber. Here I am concerned with clamp now (for NCP1014AP06) but also want to know capacitor type for snubber. (...)
Not clear what you mean with "open collector input"? If you are talking about an active low input with 24v pull-up (next best fit) to be driven by a NPN o.c. output or switch to ground, what's the input current? 24v inputs are rarely high (...)
What are you using for heatsinks on the 7812 and 7805? You are feeding the 7805 from the 7812, so all current passes through both devices. With 24v input and ~5A of output, you are dropping 60W in that 7812, and a considerable amount in the 7805. That is alot of power to dissipate and requires substantial (...)
I have 24v as input and I need output -15v with minimal 2A and 400 kHz Where does 400kHz enter into the picture?
If I understand your problem correctly, then this may work for you. It will take the 0-24v PWM input (represented by VG1) and convert to a 0-7V drive gate drive signal.
if your input is 12v, and output is 24v, 20A...then your peak input current in the inductor could be as low as 45A or so. ILL SEND YOU BOOST SIM AND YOU CAN GET INTO IT. (sorry about capitals) - - - Updated - - - here, not your spec but youll get into it. iTS FRee ltspice sim - - -
I have a transformer of an old UPS, brand name was printed in cover which is missing. I just need to know how I can find out it's input and output with voltage rating. I have an image bellow: 132485 Please help.
I need to design Power supply: input 85-265V AC 50/60Hz output: +5V (200mW-8W), +24v(1W-80W), +48V(1W-140W) output power min 200mW max 150W ( step change on +24 and +48V ) Build in , without air flow high efficiency, long life, accuracy on +5V +-2% How to choose the topology and design? It has (...)
Hi, I'm designing a SMPS as per EN55011 (CISPR-11 Class-A) radiated emission standard. My SMPS Specifications are as follow: 85-265AC , 50Hz universal input, output1 (5V/1A), output 2(24v/0.25A) both are floting ground. All my secondary capacitors are low ESR (Su'scon capacitors), RM8 core (...)
Thanks a lot for the answers. I've found a MOSFET and I've tried to put together a simple schematic. Does the MOSFET and schematic make sense? Any help is most appreciated. 128993 For the resistive load try PVG6
I need isolated DC/DC power supply, input 9V...36V, output 15V 0.4A. Unfortunately, I have not experience in SMPS. I'm working mostly with MCU. I need help to understand which topology is the best for my case. End user wants to use this transformer . It has turns ratio 1:1
You should make sure, then, that your input and output common mode range includes the negative rail or that your signal will not put it so close that you start to lose things like Vio, AVOL, or simply fail to travel. You may need a "single supply op amp" if your signals are near ground and ground is the negative rail.
Q1 and Q2 are emitter-followers that have a low input current but a high output current. Emitter-followers are not inverters. Q1 pulls its emitter high with lots of current to charge C7 then Q2 pulls its emitter low to add the charge on C7 to C8 also adding almost the 24v supply. Therefore I think C8 will charge to almost (...)
Hello, first post here! So I'm working on some IO for a microcontroller, and right now I have some circuitry to adjust incoming analog signals. What I need is the ability to set the io pin on the pcb to be either the analog input (as it is now) OR a 24v digital output. So I need some circuitry to switch the (...)
(has internal 220 to 24v AC transformer is it a transfo with separate coils or an auto-transfo link bewteen primary and secondary... test insulation between input and output of transfo.. what about the earth and 0V of 5V power supply ? do you have to respect Phase and Neutral on main AC power ?
Hi there, I need some advice and guidance. I have this design specifications for the almighty SMPS :( 1)input Voltage : 24v-270V AC/DC (Universal Range) 2)Power Rating : 20W 3)output Voltage : 20VDC 4)output Current : 1 - 2A 5) Isolated Add 1) I have troubles with this specification. Mainly (...)
I was experimenting a BJT buck converter using a SG3525 in a pretty uncommon configuration (PWM pulses through the VC terminal, outputs connected to the ground). The schematic diagram is as follow: 114253 The input voltage is 24v, the output voltage is 12V, the intended load current is 10A and the (...)
Hi, I need to design a 24v dc (input supply tolerance 19.2V to 32V dc) to 5V, 3A dc converter with 1.5KV isolation between the input and the output. I want the dc-dc converter to have a high efficiency (90+ if possible) and low ripple (<200mVp-p) at the output I don't want any (...)
PWM regulator used to drive MOSFET has FB pin to which sample of output voltage through attenuator is connected. For last circuit it is done with 1M and 6.19k resistors and at 200V output voltage FB gets 1.23V. FB is input to error amplifier with reference 1.24v. Take a look at LT1172 datasheet it has (...)