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Couple of nA isn't particularly low. Good "electrometer" OPs like OP129 have < 100 fA input current. measurement "across a series resistor" involves a differential amplifier and respective common mode errors. Better to use a ground referred I/V converter OP (transimpedance amplifier) circuit, if ever possible. leakage currents can be a (...)
leakage current and measurement speed according to log amp setup time at low currents may be a problem. Depending on the nature of the current signals, the inactive inputs possibly need to be shorted, so SPDT switches would be needed at the input.
this kind of circuit need a interfacing with very high input impedance opamp....refer V to I convertor with (Mega ohm range base) and look for opamp CA3140 have very high input impedance and very less leakage current may be you will able to measure the things.... Good Luck
I have a question regarding measurement of static leakage power using NanoSim. What I am trying to measure is the static wasted power in a NAND gate (or for that matter any circuit ... I am starting off small). input is a HSPICE netlist of a NAND gate (4 transistors). inputs to the NAND gate are 2 dc (...)
With nA measurement you have to prevent leakage between signal wire and shield and only way to do that is to drive shield with same or very close potential to the signal wire. Specialised IC's like INA116 already have shield drivers built in them. For differential input that would mean using two coaxial connectors. All wiring in this case (...)