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Dear all, in the cadence environment output noise can be simulated, for bandgap simulations the integrated output noise over 500kHz is about 10uV@dc, input noise 0.5V. The specified source is the supply with 1V ac amplitude. Is there some relation to the offset voltage of the bandgap input stage? Is (...)
What is mean by offset voltage and DC voltage in cadence virtuoso? Im asking these parameters regarding SINE input.
Hi, I'm trying to simulate a Chopper Amplifier input offset voltage in cadence? Does anyone know how to perform this operation? Is there a way to do this using PSS? If so, how? Your responses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Hi I use two simple voltage sources for input offset in my design. How can I set their σ value in cadence monte carlo simulation? I want to use gaussian function. Rosa
i also need monte carlo simulation for opamp input offset voltage example. anyone can give a link or send an example
Configure the negative loop back with large R~1GOhm and C~1F (as low pass filter) for offset voltage compensation. Insert ac voltage source Vin with DC bias in series with positive input of OTA. Do AC analysis. Gm=Iout/Vin, where Iout u can measure at the output of OTA. Good luck
Hello everyone, I use cadence to simulate an amplifiers offset voltage, but it shows the offset is 170mV. I think it's too big. My method is as following: First, I connect the negative input and the output of the amplifier. Then, I add a DC signal at the positive input and sweep DC (...)
using negative feedback in baseband amplifiers reduces the DC-offset. does the accuracy of this DC-offset cancellation depend on the magnitude of the input DC-offset voltage? I mean, the higher the input DC-offset voltage is, the better the negative feedback (...)
I am trying to simulate the op-amp schematic diagram for a 741 and plot a graph of Power Supply Rejection Ratio v frequency. It is defined as 20 *log( change in dc supply voltage/ change in input offset voltage). Does anyone know how to work this out on the cadence/ PSpice simulator? Do the 2 differential (...)