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PAE = Pout - pin/Pdc in order to measure power at output and power at DC, you need to add current probe at the load and DC points respectively. for voltage measurement just name the not as VX will do. insert the equation in schematic so after simulation, you will get the values.
you can solder or twist wire to each pin of the switch and insert one end to input power supply and insert other end to the supply input of the board... so you can keep the switch outside the breadboard and use it...
I would like to connect to Regulator EN pin, when excess current is drawn to shutdown regulator. Some schematics is found but seems to be not suitable. The flow of power supply is Bridge Rectifier -> Conditioning Capacitor -> (7V/7.5A) -> Linear LDO Regulator. I'd like to insert detection circuit between capacitor and Regulator,if (...)
hi, i dont know whether this answers your question insertPad "VDD" "m1pad" "vdd1" "PAD" insertPad "GND" "m1pad" "gnd1" "PAD" Using these pad insertion directives, the Synopsys application adds two pads to the design: vdd1 An instance, of the pad cell master m1pad, connected to the VDD net through its (...)