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Hi, I need to evaluate a model of a monopole antenna with the insertion of an infinite ground plane instead of the plane with finite dimensions. In CST i put the infinite plane in the determination of the boundary conditions with Et = 0, but in this case I have to use a discrete port instead of a waveguide port. This is the problem: The discrete
Yes you can! 1. Open the layout design files. 2. Set the insertion point (Tool-Dimension-Move Datum). 3. Go to "files" menu and select "Load". 4. In the "files of type" box select "Merge board (MAX). 5. Click "Open"
For passive circuits NF is equal to insertion loss...That's why your insertion loss is at the same time your Noise Figure.. For circuits with active devices, it's not so true.From pure s-parameters, you can not simulate NF.The linear model must have either s-parameters with Noise Parameters or linear model must have intrinsic Noise elements in it.
1. Open the layout design files. 2. Set the insertion point (Tool-Dimension-Move Datum). 3. Go to "files" menu and select "Load....). 4. In the "files of type" box select "Merge board (MAX). 5. Click "Open"
Hi Guys, PLEASE HELP I am designing a 32 bit ripple carry adder using UMC 90 nm design kit. Please tell me how do i insert pads in my design what files i need to use. I am using Cadence Soc encounter thanks in advance.
when i insert pads in My design using the comman insert_pads i got this warning message " target library has no pads in it. No pads inserted. " :cry: i use tsmc 90nm design kit target library : slow.db ....... can anybody tell me where i can find the iopads cells. thx.................
Hi All, Everytime when I try to plot the noise figure from a cascade using standard s-parameters files involving amplifiers and filters in between I get a warning message in the microwave office (or similar like Genesys) saying that for example the filters does not contains noise parameters, so therefore the device will be treated as noiseless.
What I have done is the first option. By definition S-par are valid in this configuration (the unused port terminated with 50 Ohm). Then I used a software to merge the 3 s2p files into one s3p, simply removing the redundant measurements. From s3p file you can calculate/simulate the balun insertion loss & umbalance. If you use Agilent ADS, the
Hi, I have just completed scan insertion of a design. What are the various files I should hand over to the physical design team. Should I give the P&R people the scan DEF along with the scan inserted netlist. As part of scan insertion, I have created four test pads in the design which were earlier not present in the design. Now, do I (...)
Hi all, i'm using open office for my databases. I have 1 main databases and will normally come out a smaller data bases on more often occasion. How do i check these small data bases to the main databases for spelling errors and perhaps do some insertion n stuff..please help i'm using open office Thanks taring77
hi iam using cadence IC5141 MSFB tool kit with default 600n technolgy file How do i add new technolgy file either 0.18u or 0.13u tech files is these files are freely available? I found this files in NCSU 1.5 kit but after inserting this kit, the tool says it does not supprt these files when i do DRC check how do i (...)
Hello Can any one please explain me about the following file related to pCB 1-fabmaster extract file 2-Test prelog file 3-Auto ICT insertion What exactly the use of above files and what should be the contents?? Cheers :D
Synopsys also has very good doc on DFT and scan insertion